So my son is watching A&M vs. Okie Lite

And texts me to note that Okie Lite is wearing blue unis. I figured he must be mistaken. Then I flipped it over there. They ARE wearing light blue unis, almost UNC color. I suspect Nike is responsible for that too.

Aggies are up 14 on Okie Lite, by the way.

It was Aggies by 25 just a couple of minutes ago.

The SEC is as strong as it’s been in a very long time. I think it’s just as strong as the ACC.

Aggies doing what Aggies do. Choking. Lead is down to 10 now.

We have an explanation. The ESPN talking heads said Okie Lite is wearing, not blue, but turquoise unis, which are intended to commemorate the Native American heritage in the state of Mobilehoma. And they will wear these unis several times during the season.

A$M is pretty good. Inside game is strong and shooting is pretty good. Our guard pressure will be a problem for them. This announcer thinks they match up with anyone. Not sure about that.

Texas A&M is off to an impressive start and still doesn’t even have point guard JJ Caldwell yet. He’s suspended for the first five games, but should make a huge difference when he gets back.

Aggies have lapses and choke leads for sure but they go inside out and have a presence inside. They look almost as good as Florida. From what I’ve seen watching every SEC team play I’d say the hogs should finish no lower than 4th in SEC play and may be able to finish 2. Kentucky is over rated this year. Grease ball may coach his way into a hot seat this year with his overrated one and dones!

SMH. I’ve got a feeling that Pistol Pete, the longtime, antiquated mascot’s days are numbered.