So much help needed


The coaching staff has a huge job on their hands. As the season progresses our lack of talent and depth is glaring. OL and DL are unable to control the LOS. Receivers dropping too many passes and losing the 50-50 battles with the DBs.

It’s a challenge.


Our receivers are going to have to figure out how to get separation. Seems 3 of 4 throws they are covered like a blanket. Actually impressed Stark hasn’t thrown its into all that coverage.

Mercy, we won the game and the lines played well in the 4th qtr when it’s counts.

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The depth will come. Just keep adding solid recruiting classes and some of these youngsters you aren’t seeing yet will help depth. I hear good things about most of the redshirts in the lines. Some may play before the season is over. You can bring some of these guys onto the field for the last four games if they are needed and still keep their redshirts.

Guys like Eric Gregory, Brady Latham, Beaux Limmer, Taurean Carter, Enoch Jackson, Dylan Rathke and others are exactly what they thought they were getting. Some will probably not be needed this year. But they are in the weight room at 6 a.m. and building their bodies into SEC men.

You will like them in time.