So much for the students have to be on campus

North Carolina sent its students home after this week’s clusters on campus. Except for the football players. They’re still there and getting ready to play. The school needs that money too much. Y’all, if that doesn’t kill the student-athlete fiction once and for all… They are employed by the school to generate revenue. They’re essential. The actual students are not.

By the way, one more ACC school has gone to remote instruction, although NC State hasn’t sent the students home. Yet. Neither has Notre Dame.


I don’t agree with this. There are other factors that play into the athletes(not just football players) staying compared to other students going home. Each student is different, but I know for a fact that, compared to other students, student athletes have better access to healthcare, food, technology, etc. than they would if they went home. Plus, there are plenty of students that stay on campus for reasons such as being an international student or being so far away from home that leaving might not be possible. You can’t use this rare moment in history to push a narrative that isn’t fully embracing the facts.

I agree 100%. College football and basketball and in some cases other sports are big business, The term student athlete is obsolete.

While I won’t debate the student athlete issue, I would say that if one were so concerned and protective of the players economic position, it would seem the schools interest in playing and producing income and the players interest of having the season to showcase abilities and build resumes for the next level are in harmony.

I don’t know if it confirms that they are not student-athletes. They are still going to be students and will take on-line classes like other students. At least that’s what’s happening at North Carolina. What happens at one school doesn’t need change the definition. And, I’m not sure it changes it if the entire league does it and just for one season. This would be Swine Fusion’s interpretation and does not mean everyone else adopts that definition.

I don’t think anything that happens for this season is permanent. I sure would not jump to that conclusion.

I think the student should be on campus.
I think the football players should be online only, quarantined so they cannot be around any students,I think this is the only way you have a chance to maybe pull this off without huge outbreaks, even then there would be some because of the nature of football, but it would be nowhere near the outbreaks as if you let them go to class with other students.

You could quarantine them if that is the sole goal of the school. I don’t think that’s the sole goal. It’s to provide a consistent education opportunity. If they have in-person classes, you are going to send the players to class. If I was a parent wanting my son or daughter to get the best education, the way to do that is to put them in a class room. We all know that. And, you are asking for faculty to make an exception for an athlete, giving them the only on-line opportunity. I do not expect that to happen.

I don’t think they will either Clay, this situation is like none other where you really can’t make the right decision. The schools can’t afford to lose all that money but at the same time you don’t want to risk getting people sick. I think education was meant to be face to face but in this situation that would be pretty much guarantee you to have huge peaks in positive cases. I was just thinking to have your best shot at not having huge outbreaks you would have to quarantine the players from the students. It will be interesting to see how this all transpires.

NC has never been too picky about actually attending classes for a good grade…


So funny and spot on…


There are plenty of others (Pat Forde being one) who are taking it even further – that this confirms they are professional athletes and being treated as such.

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Pat Forde and as stated in your post ‘many others’ have opinions, some informed opinions, but still just opinions. This may be confirmation to some, and may make some feel better about their opinion, but may not be the recognized final arbiter you seem to think.

Good grief, man, this is all opinion. Mine, yours, Forde’s. But if public opinion decides student athlete is a garbage concept, then it’s not going to fly any more as the NCAA excuse. At some point maybe I’ll figure out why some of you are so married to amateurism as something to be protected and cherished. For Hunter Yurachek, sure; he’s the one who has to find the money for added benefits.

One of us is having a reading comprehension issue, because I was reacting to the statement in your post where you said “that this confirms they are professional athletes and being treated as such”. That implies more than opinion, to me.

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I would think other students home would make it more of a bubble for the athletes.

It sure doesn’t confirm anything. I’ve never thought Pat Forde was the standard. I still recall that he didn’t vote for Darren McFadden. His opinion matters less (to me) after that vote.

Absolutely, but it also says the regular students can be sent home but we have to have the jocks here.

As I said above. It’s all opinion. Confirming the opinion of those who have that opinion.

Some have been “Debbie Downers” on this subject since the pandemic began. I choose to try to seek out the positives and there are many if you are open to them.

You might try looking up the definition of Pollyanna. Also try “head in the sand”. Then look in the mirror.

People have been pretending for months there isn’t a problem here when 174,000 deaths and 47,000 new infections per day are saying the exact opposite. And we’re seeing this week that Power Five college campuses are far from immune. This football season is far from a lock, even now.