So much for the relationship


Can you blame him though?

Look at the talent deficit our former coach left us in.

I don’t understand the mizzou route, but certainly understand not coming here.

Glad it’s over. Time to move on.

I am sure KB and CCM have a good relationship, due to that reason and being the first school to contact him is why he considered us, as a courtesy.

agree…strangely I am at peace about this because it is a one year quick fix but we need a complete re-work. Stick to the plan…already heard there a couple of plan B’s in the works

I’m sure they have a great relationship, but KB made a business decision. He has one year and we are a complete rebuild… he doesn’t have the time for that.

Starting to sound like everyone has zero faith with the guys on hand. Time to push & work with the QB’s we have & coming in.

Concentrate on some Oline Studs.

Oh I have faith, it’s just I would have loved to break our new guys in a little more easily, but unless Storey is the starting QB next season, whoever is the next one will get a trial by fire probably next season.

The relationship got us a shot and that is all we could have asked for. I think the real difference came down to the OC Dooley and having coached in the NFL.

I think CN is better than Storey, it’s his job to win unless there is another transfer on the horizon. The kid from NTS if Littrell leaves, the kid playing for Sumlin the QB killer maybe…I dunno why the NTS kid wouldn’t just go w Littrell. I 'm thinking Connor is the man and I’m not worried about baseball.

I wouldn’t count out KJ Jefferson at some point next season. He is a raw version of Kelly Bryant. I suspect his red shirt was burned right around 6:00 pm today.

I would give him a shot IF he was enrolling in January.

I agree , gold surfer, I wouldn’t be worried so much if he were able to be here for spring practice

KJ won’t be here till May & can jump right into summer work outs, but unless he absorbs the playbook & offense at warp speed along with speed of the college game he may redshirt like most do. But Conner, Ty, & JSJ can compete for the job starting now. At some point KJ gets in the mix & who knows.

But all this talk about (must have) transfer QB’s for 1 year & the negativity about our QB situation & performance in general isn’t good & could push what we have away from the program. Except Noland maybe, but he could always just switch to baseball & be a star there.

I think KB was the only logical choice for a one year wonder due to his talent, relationship with coaches, same system he ran, his experience at an elite level. The rest out there now are a crap shoot regardless how good they look when playing on that team, with those players, those coaches, and that system for 2-3 years.
May not mesh here.