So much for the demise of Kamani Johnson

He was in beast mode!

100% agree

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This. When he was fouled I just cringed because his FT shooting has been pretty bad. But darn if he didn’t knock them both down smoothly.

Fred, you can watch these games on ESPN+.

Who’s starting spot would you have him take?
My answer is “No”. He isn’t a starter on a team with this much high level talent and size.
He will play a role in certain games and matchups during the season when the team needs to get more physical and make things ugly.
He’s a banger that will do the dirty work and with that he will pick up fouls quickly and get some fouls on opposing bigs which has value.
That’s what he did last night in a game where we needed it to get a bit hectic.
He provided a touch of physicality which we had been lacking and that will likely be his role this season.

Thanks for the response. I agree. A valuable role player that provides toughness when needed.

Totally agree. I have always thought that Kamani’s top liability is that he gets to the line alot, and then shoots a terrible percentage. If he can knock down 70%-75% of his FT’s, he becomes a significant asset.
He avoided turnovers last night too, and Muss praised his D.

Way to go Kamani!

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