So much for that 0-3 start

I felt like Tennessee was beatable, even with the fight they gave UNC. And our guards got the job done. Barford came up big, Macon was nails at the line, Dusty and Anton. All in double figures. Nice win.

Really a free shot at Kentucky now. Let it all hang out.

Oh I so wanted to start this thread, but agree it was a good win on the road.
Lets play KU with our chins up now.

Nice win over a solid team and a very good coach in Rick Barnes.

After watching Kentucky last night again vs. A+M, we will probably get rolled up by at least 20, but we don’t have anything to lose. I could coach that bunch Calipari has. How does he continue to get all those great players every year?

If we could get a couple of those guys in foul trouble like Monk and Fox, we might have a shot.

Yup, impressive road win for Anderson and Hogs. Not sure how good Vols are, but I for one was wrong about 0-3 start. A road win is a road win…gonna win some more if they shoot free throws like that at the end of games. :sunglasses:

Having a good free throw shooting team is probably the most underrated thing in college basketball. We have 2 guys that shoot 90%. That’s going to help win you some close ball games.