So much for In State Rivalries

The stadium was less than half full at the UCA-ASU game last night.

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Shocking :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yep. What draws crowds in Arkansas are Razorbacks. When the hogs do well the people show up.

I was happy with our attendance yesterday. 64k on a sweltering Labor Day weekend with a 1:00 p.m. kickoff could have been devastating to attendance. I noticed the NEZ was pretty empty. I understand why. That’s the last place I’d have wanted to be yesterday afternoon. Perhaps there were ticket holders in the food area

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I was in the north end zone. Not packed at all, but a decent showing. We went inside for half time, just to hydrate and cool off. With a wife and 3 sons there, I’m frequently sent to get water, cookies, etc, there was never fewer than 100 folks inside.

Had to help an elderly man get to his car after the game, he just dang near passed out, but a group of us got his car pulled around and got him cooled off enough to recover.

Just a hot day. Ask the rice team lol


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That’s what worries me. Someone could have a heatstroke. Especially an old person. He shouldn’t have been there, but the UA should not put fans in that position when it so easily could avoid it.

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