So much for Hammer Down

That was poorly a managed game by the head Hog. When you have a team down, you step on their throats and bury them. You do not play soft and give them an opportunity to take some momentum. Shocking that we punted. More shocking the next possession we throw two of three downs. It would not have been pretty, but grind it out and run it down their throats. Game over.

And oh those “Special teams”.

Right lane plow mule.

They were special weren’t they?

When you take a knee in close game against weak opponent at half with time on clock, you are not hammer down.

You are false advertising and likely hammer on thumb.

Right lane plow mule was working in this game Gas. It would have won…if they had stuck with it. As someone said about Nick Saban recently…even with Tua, you’d better stop the run, or you’ll never see a pass. Well…they couldn’t stop the run. yet we got cute at the wrong times. Our passing game was an abomination. If you are upset we didn’t pass more because we will need to throw it down the line, ok. But to win TODAY? The original post of the thread was correct. We didn’t need the finesse stuff today. They couldn’t stop the inside run. They couldn’t. Yet…we got cute. And it cost us.

Running cost us this game. Period. Us choosing to approach this game this way was the ONLY chance COST had. Should have been over at Halftime, we chose for it not to be, didn’t even try. Trapped in right lane time warp. I can’t get out.