So Mike is going...

To sit on bench at let the refs take this one from us. Sometimes you got to fight for your players.

Yeah, let’s get a technical, two shots and possession to LSU. That would be brilliant.

I didn’t say technical. Swine I usually like you but that was uncalled for.

Oh I held back from saying what I really thought of your post.

And I will hold back about how I now feel about you and that will not change. Thanks for showing your true colors.

I’d like to hear it Delta. Come on!!

It would get be banned for sure. I will just block Swine. I usually ignore his arrogance. He is not worth it. I never attack anyone on here but Swine does all the time.

Mike is notorious for doing nothing in Times like this…show some emotion…do something…the refs tried their best…it worked out in the end

CMA knew the refs were going to hose us tonight. You could see how the players handled it (just keep playing and don’t respond to the bad calls by the stripes). So Mike had to respond the same way he had instructed his players, not to let it get in their heads.

Wasn’t the time. Would’ve 100% received a tech and yall would be ripping his butt for that.

Coach should take the fine (better, the department should pay it for him), and go off on the officials this week with specifics and video at a press conference.

Only issue I had tonight with coaching was failing to take a time out in the second half when the momentum swung to LSU. He was waiting for the media timeout. Sometimes you just have to swallow and take the time out.

In retrospect, it worked out. I tip my hat to Coach A for his restraint.

I still can’t believe we won playing 8 on 5. 38-11 I believe was the final differential in FTs. and some of the calls on our guys in the last ten minutes of the game were just beyond belief.

You can show emotion without getting a tech…I can’t but Anderson could…it worked out for the hogs tonight…very happy they won…was really upset at all the jaw jacking LSU was doing the last few minutes of the game…they thought they had it in the bag…not so fast…Wade is a weasel

the 32 points LSU scored at the free throw line on 38 attempts is a tough pill to swallow. There’s a SEC office and a man in charge of refs. His phone will be HOT Monday morning.
The come back on the LSU press was greatly aided by the refs allowing LSU to push and grab. This is just plain cheating!
The announcers were giving LSU credit and not saying a word at the poor job the officials did!
By the way both of those reviews for the F-1 meet the letter of the rule! By seeming both of those calls as common fouls was simply overmooking the rule itself.

It worked out, but we were lucky. Working the refs is a strategy, just like a zone defense or man to man. He should have railed on those refs the first half. They may have called a more fair game that second half, even if he had gotten a technical. Maybe, the refs calm down and give LSU 33 free throws instead of 38. 5 points less. I just don’t know how he takes that officiating.

I like Coach, but he is so laid back it is maddening sometimes.

I wish we could make 32 out of 38 FT’s if given the chance. That’s the one area that kept LSU in the game and that’s one area I’m not comfortable with keeping us in the game if needed. 1 or 2 of their misses came late also.
Thank goodness we stroked it from the field the whole game.

Dane Bradshaw was calling out some of the bad calls, he said both of the slap in face calls that were just called common fouls should have been flagrant 1’s.

The issue I had with the Gafford F1 no call was I’ve seen individuals get slapped in the face like that before and I’ve seen it called both ways (seen a flagrant called and seen it called common foul), however everyone missed the elbow, Dan actually took an elbow to the side of the head and as he started to fall got slapped in the face. I thought the elbow to the head was an automatic flagrant. Is it not? General, I know you’re the official, care to weigh in?