So mike Irwin tweets

Thoughts? Says both leach and Campbell want 5-6 million per season to take job and so both are out.

Butch Davis is getting an interview.

Just bringing to board

I don’t believe it

Until UA shows it will actually pay like a big for big expectations, there is a good chance it may not ever be a big.

Campbell is already making over 3 million per year so 5 to 6 million should have been expected. Kiffin is making a lot less so this would be a huge increase for him. Campbell to me is the home run hire and I think you pay the 6 million plus the 6 million buyout and get your coach who is solid as a rock with no personal issues. Going the cheaper route is not always cheaper when you have to fire these guys and then pay the buyouts. Not my money but Campbell at 6 million for 5 years is the way to go.

This is probably not the latest SEC coaches salary information but it is pretty close. This will give you a pretty good idea of what everyone is paying:

  • Nick Saban, Alabama: $11,132,000

  • Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M: $7,500,000

  • Gus Malzahn, Auburn: $ 6,800,000

  • Kirby Smart, Georgia: $6,703,000.

  • Dan Mullen, Florida: $6,070,000

  • Mark Stoops, Kentucky: $4,750,000

  • Will Muschamp, South Carolina: $4,400,000

  • Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee: $3,800,000

  • Chad Morris, Arkansas: $3,500,000

  • Ed Orgeron, LSU: $3,500,000

  • Matt Luke, Ole Miss: $3,000,000

  • Derek Mason, Vanderbilt: $2,721,834

  • Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State: $2,700,000

  • Barry Odom, Missouri: $2,350,000

  • Note - Malzahn was listed lower but he has some kind of personal business contract and then he signed that new 7 year 49 million contract last year so I just listed him at 7 million. Some of you may have more recent salary information but this provides a general idea of current SEC salaries.

  • 6 m per year would get close to top 10 of all schools

  • 5 m per year would get close to top 15 of all schools

  • 4 m plus per year gets close to top 25 of all schools

( Charlie Strong was making 5 m per year! )

That list proves College Football is not a sport but a business, big business.

Can you actually blame a coach for wanting to get his money like that. Its basically saying I want my money up front because I’m going to be walking into a dumpster fire with an institution that has shown they have little to no patience for re-building a program and will fire you even before 2 years is up and that they will fight when it comes to paying out a buy-out on your contract. So they want a big yearly payment because a lower yearly with a loaded buy-out is risky. I was worried this particular optic would bit us on the ass. So now they UofA will have to pony up big money or be mired in another attempt to find a diamond among a bunch of quartz like they tried with Morris. Hard to find that big diamond at Murfeesboro… so much easier to just go to Jareds and pay for it but the price will hurt.

I found some more recent information. If anyone has more current please update! 5 million per year is about the average right now and 6 million would put them at #6 in the SEC. This is before Missouri and Ole Miss hire new coaches.

For sure, wins matter and so do fans in the seats on a regular yearly basis. TV money has aided and encouraged the growth in salaries but also make junkies of athletic budgets dependent on continued revenue. Thus the short string on poor or stagnant performance.

Butch Davis is an older coach, yes. BUT, he could turn around a program, has a good overall history, including at Miami, etc and would not be expected to be our HC for 8-10 years. After turning things around, getting us on the winning trail again, then we could attract a very good coach in another 3 years. Butch would be ready to fully retire at that time on his own accord . JMHO

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We can beat Ole Miss because they pay in Confederate money.



Your numbers are not correct according to the 2019 USA Today coaches salary database.

Per that list (base pay not including bonuses):
Saban $8.8M
Fisher $7.5M
Kirby $6.8M
Gus $6.8M
Mullen $6.07M
Stoops $4.7M
Muschamp $4.4M
Morris $4M
Orgeron $4M (you think he might get a little raise this winter?)
Pruitt $3.86M
Mason $3.36M
Luke $3.1M
Odom $3.05M
Moorhead $3.05M

I think Campbell is a great hire, but he’s not a $5 to $6 million per year coach, not yet. I just don’t think you pay a 7-5 coach at Iowa State that much money. Maybe $4 million to $4.25 million, and if he produces, then he gets that money.

I see that as smart business.

The plus $5 million goes to coaches like Malzahn who have won lots and won big; and I’m not reading about any of those being pursued.

Morris’, salary (not including bonuses) is $3.5M. He got a $500K retention bonus last Feb that didn’t affect salary.

“He earns a $500,000 base salary with $3 million in “other compensation.” Other than three $500,000 retention bonuses, paid on Feb. 15 of 2019, etc”

You don’t think Iowa State can’t match 4-4.25 million?

I thought that looked high but that’s what USA Today had him at. They probably counted that retention bonus as salary, not as bonus for wins or making a bowl or graduation rate .He didn’t have to achieve anything extra to get the retention bonus, he just had to stay and not get fired.

Probably, but I don’t think he’s worth going up to $5 million plus at this point. And I suppose that’s why he is staying put.

You always have to consider the bad outcome – what if he does not work out and cannot get the job done, but we are paying him $6 million a year with some guaranteed buyout?

It’s a risk, and when he’s going 7-5, too big of a risk in my mind.

Yeah, that bonus paragraph should have read:

“If you have a better record than our fired coach, after 1 year, you will receive a $500K bonus. If your record is worse, you must pay us $500K in order to get a 2nd year. Since you said publicly that our fired coach underachieved, this should seem fair to you.”

Do not overlook Butch Davis. Short term only (something he would accept I think), proven winning HC from other Power 5 schools, willing to accept a lot less money, good OC or DC chosen would be available to ‘step in’ in 2-3 years. This would be a simple solution. An Arkansas native, played ball at Arkansas, friend of John Tyson and Woody Bassett, etc. Any fears that a younger 35-40 year old HC might have, his not knowing what to expect, would be put to rest… Butch likes Arkansas and knows what to expect and can “handle it”… Like 99% of us, I will accept what AD Y comes up with. Unknown when that will occur… it is a guessing game for sure.

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