So...LSU and MSU?

Who saw this coming?

Probably the same people who saw us whipping Florida last year. Almost anything can happen in the SEC on a given Saturday.I don’t know if Miss Steak is as good as they look, or LSU is just having an awful night. Stupid penalties and DQ’s have killed them.

Nick Fitzgerald is the best QB in the SEC

Miss St is going to win a lot of games this year if he stays healthy

LSU should have brought their defense with them, this is a shock to the LSU program and we thought our upset by TCU was big or how about the gamecocks having their hands full with Kentucky ! I don’t expect the Tide to go undefeated in the Sec this year either due to the way they have played and with their injuries they have suffered already this season. WPS

LSU played with no discipline ! Their passing game was horrible and they had a lot of drops. The penalties that took 2 TD’s off the board really hurt. Mooo U was aggressive on defense and took it too LSU.
Nick Fitzgerald had his best college game tonight! Was there an eclipse tonight!

Our loss to TCU was not an upset. They were favored in the game. The only upset was how bad we played.

MSU will go as far as Fitzgerald can take them. One little worry for them was late in that LSU game he came off the field limping a bit. The way the kid plays and with his height he is going to keep taking a lot of hits in SEC play. They have a true freshman behind him, and their system requires shiny QB play, so if he goes gimpy or misses much time in a close game they will have problems.

LSU was so undisciplined the whole game it’s really hard to say whether their offense has improved much. They still have tons of talent, so if they can clean up the mental mistakes they can right the ship.

I did see where Miss. State signed 6 JC d-lineman this past recruiting class…their D looked pretty salty

Will they beat UGA next week?

Certainly not the folks who gave Ogeron his fat contract end of last season…wonder what that buyout is? :wink:

If we played MSU today

They would come into our statium and Mudd Stomp our hapless Razorbacks

It would be child abuse

I’m scrating my head

With the resources Arkansas has vs MSU

Dan Mullen must be an elite SEC Coach - his teams always play hard and he recruits well

And Starkville is never listed as one of the best places to live in America

Resources and performance

Somthing isn’t adding up after years of failure

Resources? Leo Lewis said MSU had $11,000 worth of resources, $1,000 more than Ole Miss.

You are correct my mistake, but it was awful upsetting with our effort ! WPS

Mississippi State manhandled LSU thoroughly and Nick Fitzgerald is the real deal at quarterback. I’m always impressed when I see a quarterback with that fire in their eyes and everyone on the team is following his lead. Scary team!