So little info about health of any player

be it injury or COVID. I put this on the basketball board because of Williams, but it is an issue for all sports. I remember when injury updates were common and expected.

I realize that the law has changed on what the school can release without permission. (HIPAA). But does HIPPA prevent a reporter reporting what he has been told? (Maybe it does). Do ALL the players always refuse to allow info to be released? It seems like someone would be willing to say “I didn’t have symptoms, but was exposed to someone with COVID” or “I had mild symptoms” etc. It just seems NO ONE is ever willing to say anything, be it COVID or a sprained ankle!

It just seems that there is a lot more secrecy (and I get that was exactly was HIPAA was about). But it seems more so than HIPAA would require, But I don’t claim to be any type of expert on HIPAA!

Why does it need to be told ?

It used to be news. It doesn’t HAVE to be told, but, it is news, in my opinion.
Knowing if a player is out for 2 days or 2 weeks is newsworthy. Knowing if a player has a broken leg or a sprained ankle is newsworthy.

Are there reasons for that information to not be told? Sure.

Not the end of the world. More than anything else I was just noting that things had changed, a lot, over the years.

Coaches do NOT want it to be released. They will not give out info to prevent the opposition to game plan. They will not be told by their respective leagues to release it so they don’t have to. Coaches once talked about it because reporters were at practice. It was obvious who was out. Not now.

What has changed in a major way is the ability of reporters to go to practice and observe. They are all closed now, except for baseball. Well, they are closed right now because of covid-19 fears. Dave Van Horn will probably resume his open-door policy to fans and reporters in the fall when we are past this mess. At least, I hope we are in that situation next fall.

To be clear, reporters are not restricted by HIPPA. HIPPA doesn’t apply to media, just to medical practitioners and other holders of medical information (such as the UA). So if the UA won’t confirm something about an athlete’s health, reporters have to verify it some other way before reporting it. An ethical journalist (like the ones here) doesn’t report things he or she can’t verify or attribute to someone with first-hand knowledge.

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HIPAA restricts covered entities. Which are basically people in the medical field, providers, insurance companies, etc. UA is not a covered entity. But there are separate student privacy laws that govern UA. Clay is right about coaches not wanting to disclose anything and those laws make a convenient excuse.

Individuals can choose to waive their HIPAA rights by the way, by signing a release. I’m sure the NFL requires players to sign a release (or it may be part of the standard player contract) since they make the teams report injuries every week, both for competitive purposes and because they don’t want a gambler with inside information on injuries using that to game the system.

Just because it’s newsworthy doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Probably some things in your personal life your friends might call newsworthy. You want to tweet it out?

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Yeah, what’s your SS# and Mother’s maiden name, asking for a friend?

Again, I said:

"Are there reasons for that information to not be told? Sure.

Not the end of the world. More than anything else I was just noting that things had changed, a lot, over the years."

And if someone wants to tweet out when I have the flu or if I get COVID, GO FOR IT!

Sigh. Yep, no difference in that data and injury data on a player. I think I will ask the NFL for all the players SS#'s. Since they give out injury data clearly they will give out that.

The NFL gives out their info due to betting, simple as that. College sports have chosen not to go that route, simple as that.

I don’t care about stillgreg’s SS#, but if he’s plays a pivotal role for the Hog’s basketball team, it would be nice to know if he’s going to play heading into the SEC and NCAA tourney. You can argue all you want about the “right to know”, but there’s not a soul following Razorback basketball that doesn’t have an interest.

Yep, Tell us something else we all know. My point was, that type of info is not the same as your SS#.

AGAIN, more than anything else, I was noting the change over the years. This type of info USED to be released. Now it isn’t. I get the arguments for and against releasing injury info.

It’s personal and can be harmful to your future, just varying degrees, depending on the individual situation.

Times change, too much info on something’s, not enough on others. Muss will say if and when he’s available, just as he did before the USCe and aTm games. He’s not playing Friday.

Why doesn’t Pittman release updated heights and weights, I’m guessing he doesn’t see any reason or advantage in doing it.

We live in an information overload era. But less info on certain things. Not all bad. Especially when it’s about players health, personal life and such.

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