So, let's say Tre M becomes a Hog

Red Team:

1 - CLykes
2 - Devo
3 - A Toney
4 - Tre M
5 - JWill

White Team:

1 - KRob
2 - JD
3 - S Umude
4 - Kamani
5 - Connor

Bench - Jaxon Robinson, Chance Moore

The Red/White game might be a sellout :wink:


Note: I picked Toney to start for the Red over Umude for his superb defense in the ACC

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Even w/Tre (fingers crossed!), still one scholarship left to give out. I think it will go to another big. I could be wrong, but with the commitment of J Robinson, I think the coaching staff is done bringing in guards/wings, unless someone currently on the roster unexpectedly leaves, which isn’t likely to happen now.

So, two scholies left. I think they both go to bigs.

Don’t count out Trey Alexander. Positionless basketball, and as a friend reminded me, he is a close friend of Jaxon’s.

Alexander would be a nice get.

If you look at scholie situation in terms of needs, Hogs need 2 bigs to round out the team for next season. We’re overloaded with guards/wings. Don’t need any more. Need 2 more bigs for frontcourt depth at 4/5 spots.

You can never have too many multi-talented wings, especially if they are top 50 underclassmen with immediate eligibility. Trust me, Muss knows what he needs better than we do. Again, I reiterate, there will never be another portal class like this again. Also, he knows he needs at least one more big.

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Muss knows he needs 2 more bigs, since 2 entered the portal and a third was let out of his NLI.

The frontcourt needs to be bolstered with 2 more solid bigs.

Baylor winning the champ with only 3 bigs on their roster was an outlier/anomaly. Not likely to happen again.

Wax it’s going to be unreal! Better reinforce the rafters, because the roof going to be blown off the Bud!

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Normally, I would agree with you, BUT in this case, Baylor had some very good, quick, explosive guards. No one could match them when all three were on the court. Right now, even if we don’t get anyone else (big or not), we could match Baylor’s speed, quickness, and explosiveness from last year. We may even be quicker. I do think we need one more big (and we probably have one), but I’m pretty sure Muss has the last scholarship for “best available” whether that’ll be a HS, JUCO, or transfer, remains to be seen (or what position).

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FWIW, which may not be a thing, McPherson posted that Alexander has canceled three Zoom meetings with Muss and staff. This does not sound encouraging if true, but it may be what we used to call Net guano,

Unlike Pearl, Muss isn’t going to guarantee playing time to anyone, much less a freshman … it has to be earned in practice. TA will go with a coach and program willing to “pencil him in” as a starter.


Yes I agree. right now with what’s currently on the roster, we can certainly match Baylor in overall speed/quickness

that’s why I say we don’t need a further logjam at the 1,2,3 spots and instead need to reinforce the frontcourt rotation at the 4,5

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