So, last 4...

What does it take to get in?
I think 2 wins would do it.
Maybe one, but dropping 3 of 4 is a bad look, regardless of the fact that momentum is not supposed to factor in.

All 4 would be nice…

I think they are in. They could sure help themselves though.

2-2 is a lock, 1-3 still highly probable

Our RPI is up to 25 today and our last 4 games are all Quadrant 1 games, to use the new committee lingo.

I think we sneak in with any record other than 0-4, but if we go 1-3 we would be sweating on selection Sunday

On the upside, go 4-0 and and we probably jump up to a 6-7 seed and get out of the dreaded 8-9 game

Finishing these last 4 games is crucial in seeding. 4-0 should be a 5-6 seed line. With the strength of the SEC. But since it’s the hogs the reward would be the 8-9 seed line. We just beat A&M they were a projected 7 seed.
We beefed finish at least 3-1

I think this team has s very realistic shot of winning the next 4 games. The one that is really going to be tough is Bama on the road. They are really tough at home. I would be very happy with 3-1. But if we play like we did today getting big points from the big 3 we could win all 4.

In case you missed what the refs did for a blue blood team today I’ll give you the line
Kansas shot 35 free throws and West Virginia shot 2! Kentucky is a blue blood and they will get every call on the hill Tuesday! The hogs need to shoot the ball really well! The refs will have Gafford with 2 fouls before he breaks a sweat. That’s my concern about the next game! The Bama game is on the road and we can out score them if we play defense.
Auburn at our place guard the 3 and we win. Missouri guard the 3 and feed Gafford and we win!
I think we will go 3-1 because the refs will take care of Kentucky.

Agree with this. The homes games will be challenging, but UK is a bit of a mess and Auburn just lost another player, the McLemore kid, to injury. He’s a pretty good paint protector. Bruce Pearl said Auburn is down to 8 scholarship players. Alabama’s bigs - namely Donta Hall - are pretty talented and Collin Sexton will test the mettle of Arkansas’ guards. You really have to avoid a 2014-type game where you get blown away and look like a marginal team at all costs.

Thanks for reminding me of that 2014 game that killed our hogs!