So Kliff and Brett may have time to catch up.....

And discuss mediocrity of last jobs and which irrelevant program beat the other worse…

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They need to be paired together on one of the coaches forums during the championship game.

Can’t say I feel any sadness for Cliff’s firing, not my favorite guy.

Ole Kliff sure did get on my nerves.

But he’s not going to have to worry about his next meal.

Off into the sunset for Coach Kliff. He will have on sun glasses, no doubt. Probably the darkest kind.

Mahones gets him a position with KC.

I was hoping Coach Bro would hang around Lubbock for another few seasons. Because, with him there, you’d never have to worry about Tech winning “big”. And at the same time, they might spring an upset on OU or Texas to knock them down as well.

Will be interesting to see where he lands. Not sure if he’d be in line for any of the really good jobs open this coaching carousel season; plus, he’s got his buy-out. So, wouldn’t be surprised to see him serve as a “consultant” somewhere waiting for another decent HC job to come around.

You’d have to think some moribund program would value his high-octane offensive background, and would give him a second chance as a HC. Alternatively, he may go somewhere as an offensive consultant where the HC seems to be a good bet to “move up” in the next year or two, where KK could them simply take over the program (assuming things go well for his offenses there).

One is on high demand as an OC

The other isn’t in high demand for anything.

Rumor is NFL as OC. Also read an article that he could be a possibility at Alabama if the current OC takes the maryland HC job

Was posting this at about the same time you made the post above.


It would not surprise me if Dan Enos got the offensive coordinator job at Alabama if their OC leaves. Dan did a great job at Arkansas, I thought. We were among the SEC leaders in offense and scoring when Dan was here. Nick thought enough of him to hire him after Bielema was fired. If not Bama, then maybe somewhere else. I wish the best for him…don’t know him, but liked his offense.

He’s working with the Patriots and going to the bank.

Woe is him.

There may have been an additional stop on the way to the bank.

Kliff put a spanking on us the last time

Bank is great, but being a glorified coffee boy/Kentucky Derby running buddy for Bill B has to be hard on his over sized ego.

I think it’s hilarious with all of these job openings there is nary a word about the great bloviator from Prophetsville being in the mix anywhere.