So Kentucky is 5-12

I feel so sorry for them.:rofl: This is the perfect time for the Hogs to make a statement. Even though Kentucky sucks, they still have that name on the front of their jerseys. This game has to be a must win for us. Beating them would put us 3 games over .500 in the SEC. I know Muss knows all of this, and I don’t want to add undue pressure, but losing to Kentucky this year would be a disaster. We have not lost a game yet this year to a team we are better than, and we are better than Kentucky. Go Hogs!

Tennessee didn’t just walk over them tho, it was a competitive game, at least the parts I watched.

They have a terrible record but they still have a ton of talent. If Cal was to ever get out of the way and just roll the ball out there, it could be bad for a lot of teams.

They will probably play their best game of the year. A 15% 3 point shooter will go 9 of 12. :tired_face:


This is the type of game in the past the hogs show up and take it on the chin! TRAP game. They better show up lace up their shoes and play hard. It will be 5 on 8!

I still say this is a must win for us. Kentucky is struggling big time. A loss to them this season could set us back, and it should. I trust Muss to know what is at stake here. No way we can lose this game. Period. Go Hogs!

Don’t let the record fool you, they are still extremely tall and athletic and will give us
fits with their length, the reason their record is what it is because of thier schedule and they shoot the ball bad but if we catch them on a night where the shoot real well we are in trouble.

I get all that, but I still think this is a must win for Muss. No way you can lose to this Kentucky team if you want to play in the Tourney.

Kentucky doesn’t suck. Their record may suck, but that team has extended moments where they look like a really good team.

Not disagreeing that Hogs need to take care of business, but this will be a tough win to get.

The Jellycats have had trouble closing out games, including last night. Sometimes they look very good, then five minutes later they look like a bunch of freshmen.

I don’t get how they allow crying cal right there on the floor, screaming, pointing directing yelling to his players. Time to watch this game with the MUTE on again. GHG!!!

I completely agree!
The Hogs had better not come into Rupp Arena thinking this will be an easy W or they will likely leave with an L. They have had subpar point guard play this season along with horrible outside shooting and the Hogs need to apply pressure all game on their point gaurd and create turnovers. UK does have several talented dudes at the 4/5 spots that are athletic and can cause problems for the Hogs.
Bottom line, the Hogs had better travel with their A-game in order to leave Rupp with a W.

Can’t disagree about the importance of this game, but this season hasn’t made much sense regarding any of the SEC teams. We might lose and come back and play great against better teams. I’m sure there are plenty of unpleasant surprises awaiting for most of the teams.

Seem to remember more than one Hog-Cat matchup on Super Bowl Sunday.

One thing is correct. It’s a must win.
Hopefully no slow start and getting down 15 points in 10 minutes. The game is in Rupp Arena. Fans or no fans we tend to slow crawl early away from home.
Just win it a be done with it.

Cats have only lost in sec at home to projected tourney top 16 seeds like Bama and Tennessee. They easily beat LsU in Rupp and they destroyed @ Florida. Loss at Mizzou respectable but losses at Ga and Aub not explainable.
We cant just show up and win. Their freshman center is blocking shots at higher clip than 2012 champs Anthony Davis. Keep them firing threes except Allen and we got a shot. Hogs have only won one time in Rupp since 1994. CMA pulled it off in 2014 during his record run of 3 straight v Cats in yr 2 and 3.
Muss gets shot at talented Cats in Rupp. Record is very misleading. In normal 31 game regular season, they would have four more cupcake wins to help their record. Hogs missing a few creampuff wins as well so team would have 17-18 wins not 14.

A loss to the Cats is a bad loss no doubt and every Hog worth his salt pork knows we need this win to help build confidence on our team. Ky is to basketball what the Tide is to football for us as a measuring stick, no matter that Ky is down we need this win for our psyche. Ky is dangerous on any giver day but plays very inconsistent unmotivated basketball at times but plays well in spurts. We are not good enough to take anyone lightly, over the years the Cats have intimidated the Hogs, so we will have to play well mentally and physically to get the win. WPS

I like your view about this game. Confidence needs to be building up and certainly losing this game would derail us as we try to build our resume for the post-season.

I’m nervous about this one. Hope we aren’t looking at their record and come in overconfident.

KY has not put it together, but not without talent

Not sure what games they are trapped between. If anything it is a buy week to give extra attention to KY, so I think it’s the furthest from a Trap game there is. But it will be 5 on 8 for sure. TN got a lot of calls against KY at Rupp. I don’t see that happening 2x, but it does depend on the draw of the refs.