So Joe Johnson is going to work out with Ford?!?!?

fun article by DD this am. that simply cannot hurt recruiting. Maybe we’ll finally be like a lot of the blue bloods, where our professional stars are involved more with our program, recruiting and otherwise.

I really really like this. Thanks, DD!



works great for Vandy baseball, Tim always has a large group of major leaguers when recruits visit. Not just ex Vandy but plenty of them who work out all off season in the Vandy facilities, huge contribution to Vandy baseball recruiting success. Gotta work for any sport since that is the usual aspiration and drive for any kid showing up to play on campus. Ditto donors to build the program… Jerry Jones is well known and connected via television all the time which has to be impressive to a kid wanting to brag on choosing his potential program. Is Joe the most well known to the general kid recruit population?? PB? Portis? Gafford? maybe Moses soon enough?

I’m starting to get real good vibes about Ford being a Razorback.


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