So its LSU

Yep ur right, remember now.

I don’t follow the point, but I’ll add that the SEC Tourney championship is a very very strange thing. First, playing three, or four games in either 3 or 4 days is just silly. That doesn’t mirror the NCAAs, where you must win two games in three days before a four or five day break. Also, and I was there in 1994, where I saw the vastly better, and NC championship, team lose in Atlanta, where the officiating stinks to high heaven…that was a game played on a neutral court in front of 40,000 UK fans…and a couple pulling for our Hogs.

Actually, in 1994 we lost to them in Memphis. It turned out to be a good thing, obviously. Up to that point we had only lost two games (on the road) by a total of 3 points. I don’t even remember what Kentucky did in that year’s NCAAs, but I don’t recall seeing them in Charlotte.

The 95 tournament was in Atlanta, and we lost an overtime game to UK in the final. Had a substantial lead in OT, as I recall, and couldn’t hold it. Corliss and McDaniel fouled out, but they had lots of foul problems too; we had two more fouls called than they did

Don’t recall seeing that Cats team in Seattle either. My point is it’s fools gold to put too much effort into the SEC Tourney. Let Kentucky have that nonsense that nobody remembers. There are much bigger fish to fry. It took me a lot of years to come to this realization…the SEC Tourney is only beneficial if you are on the bubble, which we are not, and should never be.


Conference tournament formats (3 games in 3 days for the top teams) are not unique to the SEC, of course. Every top team in America has a similar format awaiting.

The talk every year is, “you want to be playing your best basketball in March”. It would stand to reason, that includes the conference tournaments.

Statistics, conference tournament formats, and examples of terrible officiating aside…… these games are opportunities. Opportunities for all. But for the teams with a legitimate chance to make a deep NCAAT run (such as our Hogs), these games are opportunities to improve weaknesses, gain momentum, and forge the bonds of togetherness and teamwork. These reasons are among the reasons that make these games very meaningful.

Jeremy has said it best when he says “let’s agree to disagree”. Those who think the conference tournaments are meaningless to the top teams will just have to agree to disagree with me…… especially when the very things that make top teams what they are, are the very things that make those teams play hard in their respective tournaments. It matters.

The thing that makes the sect meaningful for me is there is another game to be played, and I always want the Hogs to win every game. I want them to win just as badly in the season opening cream puff as I would in a ncaacg. If they played every day for an entire season I would hope they win every one of them. I would look fwd to the next days game like I’m now looking fwd to the 1st tourney match up. However, I’m old enough to remember when the post season tournament was the big dance, and nit for the wannabes. I don’t recall any large group of fans clamoring for a post season conf tourney. It happened almost assuredly for the massive tv revenues it produces. So yes its meaningful because it exists and the team is obliged to play, and us fans are obliged to root for a win. If however it went away after this season it would be meaningful no longer, and imo quickly gotten used to by most fans.

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Appreciate the perspective. I suppose I’m younger than you, since I don’t remember there ever NOT being a conference tournament (SWC tournament began in ‘76, about the time I started playing basketball and following the Hogs). It was always meaningful to me, especially as Reunion Arena became Barnhill South. Hogs were always a factor in the SWCT.

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If your not playing to win so you can rest players is pretty bold, your saying my guys can turn it on when we need to. That’s a bad idea in my thinking. WPS

I don’t want to see 5 players play 38 minutes to win 3 games in a row! Cut the minutes down and manage the game and minutes.

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No. You are saying, “I’m playing essentially 8 guys” with this year’s team. We can’t afford to lose JD, JWill, or Stan due to injury if we want to do anything in the REAL tournament. It has nothing to do with turning it on and off. Maybe we can win the SECT next year when we are loaded. Muss has kept this team together with duct tape this year.

Just play hard and let the cards fall where they may. Rest the legs as needed.
No tornadoes like 2008 & getting beat by a sub 500 team playing the 2nd game of a double header on the same day. Being the supporting cast in a Cinderella Story. John Pelphrey.

That’s right…and Brandon Dean was the MVP. I still remember Nolan’s joy that day. Nolan loved nothing better than beating the odds. Proving detractors wrong. :slight_smile:

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I am not arguing for or against whether there should be a conference tournament. There is certainly an argument against them. They are basically money makers for the major conferences for sure.

I am simply saying that 2/3’s of the NCAA champs post-1993 made the finals of their conference tournament. Interpret that data as you will. My interpretation is simple. The best teams tend to make the conference tourney finals…just like they make the Final Four. And there is something to be said for “hot” teams in the postseason. A team hot enough to make it to their conference tourney final clearly tends to stay hot in the NCAA. I understand the anecdotal /common sense idea of “play too many games in the conference tourney, wear out legs, and you won’t do as well in the NCAA tourney”. But the data I found asserts that’s simply not how it plays out.

Only 1/3 of teams that won the natty since '93 failed to make their conf. tourney final. So clearly tired legs play less a role than who gains confidence and who is hot.

I’ll be using that info in filling out my bracket for sure!

His life history could make a good movie with all he had to overcome and then you look at what he accomplished. In the end he and Rose staying in Arkansas was a huge gift to the state and the University.


I remember that Kentucky game we ran them off the floor in that tournament. I have that game on DVD that was sure a fun game to watch.

The difference is we don’t have to win the SECT this year like we did that year. We are in good shape for the NCAAs regardless. Let’s try to win but stay healthy. That’s all I’ve been trying to say. And make no mistake, nobody loves Coach Richardson more than me.

With any team (especially with a short bench), it’s not just physical fatigue but mental fatigue. No team can get up for every game and we saw that against TN. and Bama in the first half. Coming back in the second half against both is a tribute to this coaching staff adjustments and the guts this team has shown the last two months. I don’t think Muss is capable of resting any team in the SECT to get to the NCAA… his obsession with winning is Michael Jordan like.

What I don’t like about the conference tournament is how everyone says that the winner won the league.

So you bust your hump all season and win the regular season but you go to the conference tournament and lose and your not the champ? It’s a one and done tournament and not a good overall reflection of your team.

Some also say the same thing about the NCAA tourney. In a one game scenario anything can happen. I would say lots of times the best overall team doesn’t win the NCAA tourney or conference tournaments.

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