So it’s Noland v. DeLuccia

Don’t recall who OM pitched against us in Baum, but I know they beat up on Connor pretty badly. However, he’s pitched much better since then. Hope the short rest is enough for him.

At least OM is feeling some pressure now. I have no idea how it will play out, but at least we forced the rubber game. Nothing would thrill me more than taking OM out of the CWS. I’ll worry about OU if the opportunity arises. (And will pull for OU if the rebneck black bear sharks get to the finals.)


Has Noland been named the starter for Thursday?

i’ll definitely be for the paperclips if we dont win tomorrow…its DVH’s time…the heck with any other SEC team


Yes. DVH confirmed at the press conference,

I hope Connor can pitch into the 6 inning. That would mean the hogs have the lead and he is pitching well and the bull pen can sit and wait. If he pitches into the 7 th or 8th I think the hogs win.
Small ball will come into play tomorrow!
Maybe Stovall and Wallace get rolling at the same time.


After getting all hyped after the win last night, I’m a bit more subdued this morning and maybe a bit more circumspect. I know we can win, but the OM BP is fresh. We’ve played one more game than they have. They’ve played extremely well over the last 20 games. I’m afraid they’ve got the advantage. We don’t know if Noland can perform well on short rest or not. Plus, he’s a righty and they hit him well in Fayetteville

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Their starter today on short rest is giving up a hit per inning… I like where the Hogs are. We think we can win, they have to be questioning that right now. Their fan base is super dooming and glooming. If we get a run or two early, it may blow up on them.


I so hope you’re right. A win today would be almost as sweet as a win for the trophy. It would both get us to the finals (where I admit we’ll be behind the 8 ball), but it would also knock OM out of the finals.

But I am nervous. (Like that’s different.)

Doesn’t look good

But it looked worse a month ago

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Absolutely, Doc. In mid-May we’d have all been thrilled to know we were still in the CWS semi-final elimination game even if we’d been told we were coming from the loser’s bracket.

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