So it is Hill after all.....

Man this makes kind of sad. I really wanted to see Justice play here. I know that he and his dad bleed razorback red. I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be an ugly break up.

Has he announced he is going to leave? ghg

Justin Acri is reporting on twitter that he “will not play football or basketball at Arkansas next year”…

Big scoop from the SEC Meetings on @1037TheBuzz: According to @trey1037TheBuzz, Justice Hill will not play football or basketball at Arkansas next season.

Well. It is what it is. ghg

I trust the people that Richard and I have talked to this morning and let’s just say they are strongly denying this is true.

Justice is here and in a summer school class as we speak.

Updating, I will say it is possible that the Hills have not been told of this decision yet, which would be a PR blunder.

Obviously 15 doesn’t go into 13.

I do like the new staff that has been hired and the fact that JWhitt is coming back. We all take different paths in life. He clearly loves Arkansas.

And now back to our regularly scheduled vacation, which ends Thursday morning.

Thanks, DD! ghg

… no it isn’t! :slight_smile: