So is W. Wade going to skate?

Just be allowed to carry on like nothing ever happened?

Yes he will

That’s just amazing !

At LSU, MSU, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Kansas, Auburn, and many others, they expect you or your shoe company to be paying to get great players and, if you don’t get caught or skate by when you do, you get raises not sanctions.

You think Bill Self and Sean Miller are gonna get hammered and Will Wade skates? Think again. They just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I am hearing serious speculation that Self will be in the NBA next year because he knows he’s about to get a show-cause which would block him from coaching in college.

I don’t think they will get in as much trouble as you think they will. The notice of allegations doesn’t mean the NCAA will find them guilty and punish them.

As for Wade, there was an article (I believe on ESPN) talking about the NCAA case against these schools. Said the judge ruled that the NCAA could only use evidence that was in conjunction with the court case. The evidence against Wade was ruled inadmissible in the court case, if I’m not mistaken that means the NCAA can’t use the “strong ass offer” call.

Maybe a lawyer on here can clarify

I don’t think a judge has any jurisdiction over how the NCAA enforces its rules. The NCAA is a voluntary organization; schools agree to join and follow the rules. When schools have sued the NCAA they lose, because a voluntary organization can set its own rules and procedures, screwy as they may be

Notice of allegations is like a grand jury indictment. No it’s not a conviction but it means there is substantial evidence of violations. Which we already knew. “Strong ass offer” is more substantial evidence of a violation.

No, the judge in the actual case ruled that the Feds could only turn over the actual evidence that was used in the trial to the NCAA.

That means the NCAA didn’t get all the stuff, such as Wade’s strong ass offer, which was ruled inadmissible by the judge. Also, AR was actually mentioned by one of the defendants as to reaching out to him to find out who the “players” are. That was in the evidence that the NCAA was allowed to get. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get sanctions and LSU & Wade skate.

Edit: But ESPN used the actual call when reporting, so maybe the NCAA can get around the “evidence” by using ESPN’s story.

That is kind of where I was heading. If I recall, the testimony about the “strong ass offer” was made in open court (jury not present) but then ruled inadmissible. Hence, the jury didn’t hear it. But the evidence was talked about in public. I would think the NCAA could use that. Maybe not. They for sure aren’t bound by the rules of evidence!

The fact that the NCAA is not a court is many times a bad thing, no subpoena power for example, but it also means they don’t have to prove up their evidence as much as it would take in a court case.

I will say this, if the NCAA does nothing with Wade, it will be another nail in its coffin. When literally EVERYONE knows, without a doubt, that he cheated, if they do nothing, I think it will kill them.

As too the original question. Yes. Wade will skate. Along with all the other Blue Blood programs. The smaller schools will be served up as sacrificial lambs for the public. The NCAA is not going to damage thier favorite cash cows. As long as the public only want to the Blue Bloods in the Tournament Finals every year, nothing will change.

LSU basketball is a long way from being a “blue blood” program. I actually think it’s good that the NCAA is taking it’s time with Wade. Hopefully they are building a clear-cut case against Wade, and LSU, for bringing him back. I will be disappointed if they don’t make Wade an example of their policy of not tolerating blatant cheating, with a 5 year show-cause.

I did find something that said the FBI rarely turns over evidence that is not used in court. However this may be different because Wade was not a defendant in the court case. We shall see.

I laugh when people talk about LSU basketball as a blue blood. Football, yes. Basketball, gimme a break.

And if you are convinced the NCAA never punishes a blue blood, remember that Louisville got a national championship taken away basically on the word of a hooker. And Louisville basketball is as blue blood as it gets.

Louisville, Arizona & Kansas are (or were) Blue Bloods and they will all be punished from this scandal… it is coming, or is almost here for KU, once they respond to the Allegations (their 90 day response period is up about NOW)!

Wade’s phone conversation came out somewhat late in the FBI case, so I would expect LSU’s case to come later in the domino effect.

The teams caught up in the original FBI mess were, Arizona, Auburn, Louisville, Miami, Oklahoma State, South Carolina & Southern Cal. Kansas & NC State got pulled in on recruiting violations that came to light a little later but were not as much wrapped up in the FBI trial stuff, so they got served with Letters of Allegations earlier.

So far, NC State, Kansas, Southern Cal & Oklahoma State have been served with Notices from the scandal and FBI inquiry. The NCAA has stated that more are coming and that they are spreading them out so they can handle them somewhat sequentially.

I tend to think that Arizona, Auburn & Louisville were the most complicated and thus require more time to assemble. LSU should be pretty straight-forward, so I am as surprised as you guys are that they have not been served yet. But, I still believe they will get a Letter.

You guys keep saying they will be punished. Not to worry. The mighty NCAA is just taking thier time building thier cases. It’s been what? A year? Maybe a bit longer? Where is the evidence that the NCAA is moving forward. And please just don’t read from the predictable press release from the NCAA for public consumption. They are just waiting for the whole thing to blow over. Hoping the public will forget. That everything will go back to the way it was.

I am having a hard time responding without sounding snarky, which I hate doing… so I am going to only say this:

The evidence that the NCAA is moving forward is all over the place, but seeing (reading, or hearing) is not always believing.

Will they punish folks as severely as we want them to? Of course not. But it is very obvious that they are moving forward (ever so slowly).

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