So, is UA-UALR in Men's basketball next?

We already had baseball play UALR and have football and women’s basketball scheduled to play UAPB and UALR respectively. So, will we see men’s basketball team go against UALR soon?

Mike Neighbors has talked about maybe having an annual game at the neutral site of Verizon Arena. Why not a double header with both men and women on an annual basis?

I sense this is coming.

As a season ticket holder for both schools, I would love to see that.

I’ve always believed the Hogs should play UALR, UCA and ASU in hoops and baseball. Football? Not so much. The schedule won’t allow it.

I made my opinion clear in a recent column - bring it on.

Had a lot of people come at me about that, but it’s cool.

Doesn’t make my opinion right or wrong, just mine.

It won’t surprise me if it happens. I’m not particularly in favor of it, but horse is out of the barn. Maybe we can play UALR in Verizon and count it as a road game for NET rankings.

Schedule allows Portland State, E. Illinois, and Florida A&M, but it won’t allow ASU or UCA? Ok :sunglasses:

I don’t like it at all but pretty sure it’s headed in that direction. You’ll never convince me it benefits the Razorbacks even in the slightest. I guess the chronic whiners at ASU may get their way. I still don’t agree!

The debate has not been about whether it benefits the Razorbacks. The debate is about whether it hurts the Razorbacks.

Other SEC teams play them so why not?
Beat them and move on. At the present time the hogs football team may not look too impressive against any of them!

I respectfully disagree. For many of us the debate is precisely and exclusively: why do anything, at anytime, under any circumstances, that doesn’t benefit the Razorbacks? Why?

I agree with you. But, there are others that want to see this happen, especially within the media. And, if the truth be said, many that want this to happen would hope that the Razorbacks would lose. They would get a kick out of it.

If it happens, can we play in an arena or coliseum allowing for it to be televised? Having to Periscope games in Little Rock is a real bummer.

If a instate recruit is choosing between Arkansas and any other instate school a loss in baseball or basketball to them is not going to effect his decision because of the one in Fayetteville play’s in a power 5 conference.

UCF has 50K students here in Orlando but UF, Miami & FSU doesn’t fear us when it comes to recruiting even tho we would have have probably beaten the breaks off of any of them the past 3 yrs on our way to a BCS bowl.

Just curious, but did UALR-Little Rock show much improvement under Darrell Walker this year?

I thought they were playing much better team ball and defense at the end. However, two things hurt them all year and that was not fixed by the end of the year. Darrell never had his full squad for any game. Two key players Marquis Nowell and Jaizec Lottie were in and out of the lineup because of injuries and the other ball handler Ryan Pippin was hurt off and on and never could get game-fit. These three were the key ball handlers on the team and as a result guard play suffered leading to key turnovers in the last two minutes of the game at crunch time.

I thought Rayjon Tucker improved under Darrell from a wild athlete into a solid scoring guard and ended up #1 on the transfer portal. I am curious how he fits in at Memphis. Rayjon needs the ball in his hands and you know what the incoming class at Memphis looks like.

Losing Rayjon and Deondre Burns, the two best wing players on the team, is a huge challenge to Darrell next year.

When the UA starts playing the Notre Dames, BYU’s, etc., no the schedule won’t have the room for it.

Yes, when!