So is this class one great JC O-lineman + flipping a 4* O-lineman committed elsewhere currently, away..................

…from being the best recruiting class in Razorback history? I mean a class that across the board addresses every need with high rated recruits at every position. That may mean using one of the now projected 29 scholarships for an elite kicker as well. Say they “recruit” Kelly from Clemson to come in and hit the ground running using the same offense he used at Clemson. How good of a class, historically, would that be?

The only thing I can use as hard data is the Rivals rankings as they have been around the longest.

Arkansas is now 14th - the highest in the modern era. The previous high since 2000 was 15th in 2002, settling at 16th on signing day.

That’s the seventh best class in the SEC with Georgia (1), Alabama (2), Texas A&M (3), LSU (7), Tennessee (10) and Ole Miss (13) in front of Arkansas and Auburn (15) right behind the Razorback class.

There were some great classes during the non-modern era when the had so many scholarships to give.

But this class just needs a few more things - LBs, OLs - to be fantastic

And the silence is deafening from certain Morris haters that said unequivocally that he could not coach nor recruit.

He (and his staff) are proving their recruiting skills.

Hats off Coach Morris.

The crazy thing is we could do all of that, get the best class in Razorback modern history, and still finish in the bottom half of the SEC in recruiting. If we get this great class we hope for it is just a big step with many more needed in the right direction.

If you add in Hudson Henry, I think you will finish sixth or seventh obviously depending on the others.

Could our great numbers and talent at defensive end and receiver provide some great LBs & OLs? Burks could make a great Bama/LSU style outside linebacker. Clay could grow to be as tall as his Dad and transition to left offensive tackle. Miller could be a great guard. etc.

Henry would pretty much lock down the best receiving class in the nation award.

Treylon is needed at WR.

As for the others mentioned, they are being brought to campus as DLs and DEs, but you never rule anything out.

I’m not a hater, but I will say that none of these players are committed. And, if you’ve done this recruiting spill like I have for the past 2 decades, you’ll know that a lot changes from now until signing day.

Let me help you out. The ARE committed; they are not SIGNED.


Agreed. I have now down it for four decades and you always have to watch for surprise.

But Richard and I talk to all 20 of them and right now they are all locked in whether Arkansas is 8-4 or 1-11.

So, how do you see this class finishing out? Do they offer and sign an elite kicker? How do you see the final nine? How many O-lineman or linebackers and how do you see the best available working out?

Since they could get up to 29 spots, I would offer kicker-punter Noah Rauschenberg, who was so good at camp this year.

TE Hudson Henry
OL Tim Anderson
DE Taurean Carter
K Noah Rauschenberg
DB Devin Bush (?)
OL Juco
Best player available
Best player available

Do you think they don’t get Catalon, the safety and Carter’s team mate that is still out there and considering us? Or is he one of those best availables?

Idk if this is aimed at me. Probably is partially since I have had the audacity to question some of his coaching decisions.

I give him and staff credit for what appears to be the makings of a very good class this year. I also give him credit for the team looking better last week.

I still have concerns about him and hope they’re the product of having a poor OL and issues at QB.

Not aimed at you one bit Notorious. You give credit when due and I respect you for your opinions. You also state your opinions as just that - opinions. Nobody knows if CCM will succeed but 99% of us hopes he will.

He would be one of those best available, but I think Texas leads for him.

Lack of depth and talent in the kicking game has been a huge issue so far, plus some very poor punting. Morris came with a reputation for good special teams play so I am not sure that is just “lack of coaching.”

They mean the same thing to me. People that want hope, think otherwise.

With regard to your first sentence above, if you’ve followed recruiting as long as you say you have, you should know the difference.

As for the second sentence . . . care to interpret? I think (hope?) that YOU know what you mean. But for the rest of us, please try saying it another way that makes sense to everybody - not just you.