So is LSU getting away with recruiting issues?

Of the coach caught on tape etc?

Or is this still an open case.

There are no issues in recruiting.


Translation: Wade pays players. Caught on tape complaining about payments to certain player. Feds gave info to NCAA. NCAA threw evidence in the trash. Wade is scot free. Boy. We better not try anything like this or the NCAA may give us a warning, probation, or one year ban on post season play. Those guys at the NCAA are tough on programs who pay players. Right Baked?

I’ve Explained this to you, repeatedly, I don’t know how you don’t understand. The NCAA protects certain schools (KY, LSU, Bama, KS, etc…). We are not those schools, we would be a school that becomes the example of why you don’t do it.

Now, on your comments, you may want to go back and reread what Wade said, he did not ever mention playing a player, or offering money. He said “he made a strong a$$ offer. Both my kids are currently in college. A full ride scholarship is a “strong a$$ offer.”

Bake, I agree with everything in your first paragraph. But you don’t really think ANYONE has any doubt about what a “strong a$$ offer” was. All football players who get a scholarship get a full ride. It isn’t like baseball. It isn’t like he can offer one kid more than someone else (under the rules). He can’t offer a kid more than we can. Full ride vs. Full ride.

No, don’t get me wrong, EVERYONE knows it was about money, but he never mentioned money, you as a lawyer knows there is really NO EVIDENCE in that statement proving money changed hands

I also sent you a pm Greg

Anyone can see certain blue blood programs being protected by the NCAA while hammering the other “unwashed”. My question is when did LSU basketball become a blue blood?

Their football program in big enough that the NCAA will turn a blind eye to the basketball program.

Wade mentioned in the tape it was more than the rookie minimum! That’s money my friend

Not quite correct. Two different phone conversations. The first, which I mentioned said “Smart thing” and “strong a$$ offer.” The second conversation (detailed by ESPN) even says Wade joked with Dawkins that the player would be “compensated more than rookie minimum” (again no mention of what that compensation is), and that Wade has “made deals for players better than him” (again no mention of what the deals were).

Now, as I said, I do believe it was money being discussed, but there is NO PROOF that Wade made a financial offer.

This is incorrect. Testimony is evidence. Recordings are evidence. Evidence can be circumstantial. Evidence is proof.

There is very strong circumstantial evidence/proof that Wade made a financial offer.

What I believe you’re saying is there was no direct evidence (check/admission from Wade).

But there’s certainly proof that Wade made a financial offer. Now, that may not be enough to meet whatever burden of proof the NCAA uses or it may not be enough in some people’s minds to rise to the level of beyond a reasonable doubt (the standard used in U.S. criminal courts).

To say there is NO PROOF Wade made a financial offer is incorrect.