So is it legal to punch a QB in the face?

AA was smacked in the face hard on a play by their rusher, which I thought was illegal. I believe it was the only contact the guy made with AA, fist to facemask.

And if it’s legal, I suggest we use that play all the time. But last night the announcers and officials were very nonplussed by it, so maybe it’s legal???


Should have been called. Blackledge mentioned they missed that one.

Well, La Tech’s QB got his helmet ripped off and punched in the nose without a call on what would have been a big penalty the week before. I don’t get the inconsistency when blows to the head are a point of emphasis. Most of the time those plays are incidental in that the runner moves into a blow to the head instead of actual targeting. The officials need to make up their mind if it is automatic or not.

In Kenny Hill’s case, it should be.

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A hand to the face is a penalty. Yes, it was a missed call. Marc Curles would have been the ref staring at that play. Didn’t flag it.

The LA Tech QB wasn’t punched in the face like Austin was. Twice.