So is it Beard or Marshall?

Here is my deal with Marshall, I would rather have had him than have him. I would rather had him 10 years ago until now than now to whenever.

In this search now, although I’m not a Beard guy, he is rolling in success right now, and I hope we get him and ride that for awhile. But if we don’t, I would rather have a young guy with promise than older guys that have reach a ceiling kind of in their career. I see a lot of names that are a waste of time IMHO they are just coaches. go big or go get a young guy wil a lot of upside. That’s just me tough.

I agree

You’re not answering my question: should Winthrop and Wichita state make the Sweet 16 at the same rate as Arkansas, regardless of coach?

CGM has made 14 tourneys per your report. 7 of those are with Winthrop. If you believe Winthrop should have Sweet 16 aspirations then we’re not in the same realm of expectations with these programs

I answered your question, you just chose not to listen.

Winthrop since Marshall’s first season is actually a better program than AR (and yes I know that hurts feelings) - 9 Conference Titles, 10 Conference tournament titles, 10 NCAAT appearances (0 SS or better). Wichita St - 6 conference championships, 2 conference tournament championships, 8 NCAAT (3 SS, they all aren’t Marshall’s). AR - 0 Conference and Conference tournament championships, 9 NCAAT (0 SS or better)

Now, do you think Winthrop or Wichita St has more of a chance of making it to the SS? I know how it’s perceived outside the state.

Edit: The other issue, you need to look at, is Marshall and Wichita St have lost their grip on the AAC. He needs us more than we need him.

Oh I’d say while Marshall was at Winthrop they were a better program than UA, but not since he left. Also, the committee did him no justice by seeding. How many 16s, 15s or 14s have made the sweet 16? I’m guessing less than 4 in the history of the tournament.

Right now, as of this post, Wichita State has more of a chance of making a Sweet 16 than Arkansas which is the reason i want Gregg Marshall and didn’t want Mike Anderson any longer. WSU is a better program than UA.

Also WSU hasn’t lost their grip on the AAC. They never had one. They’ve only been in the conference for two years, going T2 and 6th.

In the last six years in the MVC, WSU was 1st 5 times and 2nd once.

Beard is a pipe dream. He’s not coming here. Marshall probably isn’t either. If he does, I’ll be happy, because it will save us from disaster. If we go beyond the Marshall plan, Hunter will be scrambling and willing to settle for a coach not worthy of carrying Mike’s clipboard. At that point I would hope the powers that be demand that Hunter hire the band Player to show up at Mike’s house and serenade him with their hit song Baby Come Back.

Let’s look at Marshall’s last five years - SS, round of 32, round of 32, - conference change first round, nit. So, apparently the AAC is more difficult than the MVC and you want him to step up to the SEC? Laughable

Not expecting Marshall to be in Fayetteville.

Oh, I guessed that, just wanted to irritate 2009, like he’s been irritating everyone else :wink:

Yes. I believe the AAC to be more difficult than the MVC. I don’t think I’m alone in that thinking.

Moving from one conference to another, with the step up, is going to take time to transition. I’m going to guess that WSU is now recruiting a higher caliber of athlete with the draw of being in a better conference.

In 2019 they’ve got 3 commits, a 4* and 2 3* per 247

Interestingly they’ve got the 2nd best ranked AAC class coming in and in 2018 only Memphis and UConn ranked higher.

If Marshall stays at WSU I’m going to buy stock in them competing for the title of that conference real soon.

That’s unfortunate

Richard. Who are you expecting?

Richard…I’m interested in knowing who you think as well.

Also, changing the subject, is there someone in admin who can re-set the date/time? It would be easier to follow the timetable on these posts.

Thanks Richard

I think it is not right to compare Winthrop in whatever little conference they are in vs Arkansas in the SEC. I would say if you are a good coach, you can make the tournament easier from a lesser conference. For example, it is a lot easier for Sampson to make the tournament from Houston than from Arkansas.

For Marshall, it was easier to make it from Winthrop than Wichita State and is easier from Wichita State than Arkansas.


Sorry, I was on my phone and didn’t read any of the replies.

He doesn’t have to be compared to MA until he has had a chance to see what he does here. If whoever wins at a greater level or worse level then we have something to consider. Can we not just accept this unnamed man for what he is and does? You are right that it is a crap shoot but MA is gone. His resume here is done. New guy doesn’t have one yet, at Arkansas

It’s shortsighted to put a lot of emphasis on NCAAT record. A lot of factors besides coaching can greatly affect a run. If that New Mexico State guard could make 3 FTs in a row or maybe even just 2 of 3, Pearl would have another first-round loss on his resume instead of the greatest run in Auburn history. Boeheim was once considered a poor tournament coach.

They’re going after Beard. If he doesn’t win the NC, they have a shot. Not saying he’s coming, but they’re going to be very aggressive in trying to get him.

I’m strictly going off why Mike was fired, those of you saying we shouldn’t compare or NCAAT records don’t matter, dang sure said it did for Mike.

I’ll say this again for everyone, you don’t fire someone for not doing a good job and hire a replacement that’s the same or worse. McD’s doesn’t even do that.