So, is Gus heavily involved in recruiting, or has it been his assistants

That are responsible for Johnson, and that great defensive line. Can we expect him to exceed expectations at Arkansas and recruit on a par with what he has done at Auburn?

I think there are two men in the country that could get Arkansas to recruit near a top 10 level, and that’s Saban, and Dabo.

Gus, like most other coaches will not be able to do that.

However, I do believe he and the staff he could assemble could bring in a top 20 class, and if he begins to win, do it regularly.

We historically are around 25, but we haven’t had a knock out recruiting staff ever really. Bret wastes a lot of time in states that give kids in which we have low retention rates, Florida, Georgia, and northern states. The lack of Texas recruiting is wel documented and a big flaw of Brets.

Gus would need to put together a knockout staff, which he could, with recruiters that attack Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and other border states. We should recruit at a higher level than 25, we have second to none facilities. I’ve always thought we under recruit Memphis as well. Nice to see chase hayden though.

I’m sure its been mostly his assistants with him being in sort of the “closer” role. Does his personality make you think he is some sort of recruiting wiz? Nah…me neither. There’s no way he’s recruiting as well here as he has at Auburn. They are in about as fertile a recruiting ground as you can be in. They also have been viewed nationally as a better program.

Hard to know who would be capable of taking us to top 10 status - that’s rarified air for this fb pgm. Petrino did it and maybe could have sustained it, but whether he could ever have won the west is imo unlikely. I like GM’s coaching skills by and large, but don’t think hes at BP’s level, though I do think he would recruit Ark and Texas well. All in all, I agree that though he’s a good man and a good coach, we may need to go the route of brand new, for lots of reasons, which is why I like Frost and/or Norvell - and leave them alone 6 or 7 years.

I think Gus is certainly good enough of a coach to get us to 10 ranking. (Not recruiting rank) Consistently? I don’t know about that, no one has been able to do that.

I’m talking about recruiting though (rating). Bobby was a fantastic coach, but not a great recruiter. That’s what we haven’t had at Arkansas, is a great recruiter.

That may be the key too. Get a staff that can recruit like crazy, let Gus or Norvell call plays on offense, and a solid DC, we could be set to be a consistently good team, and perhaps a great team every 5 years or so.

Depends on if they get into any trouble. If so, it was all rogue assistants and boosters. If not, it was his recruiting.

yep, I like your last para. GM is much better def coach than most give him credit for, and yes along with the priority of stabilizing the defense, slam-bang recruiting has got to be there. I enjoy watching Malzahn’s offenses perform when he has the right personnel, but our biggest problem is defense, so I don’t care what offense shows up next as long as recruiting and defense get fixed.

Over the past several years there have been restrictions on what the HC can do as far as recruiting. I think he only gets one in-home visit per recruit. That’s not much chance to build a relationship. Of course, there are phone calls & tweets, etc., but I don’t know how much a coach can do with just those plus however many visits the recruit makes to the school. AC’s have more leeway, I believe. Richard or Dudley can tell us more about that.