So is Gafford

a 2 and done? I know it may be way to early to predict something like that.
But he sure is long and athletic, and a baller.

Near the end of this season we will have a good idea. He may be a one and done. That is not unlikely if he is projected to be a top ten pick and perhaps even a first round pick. Regardless, whether it’s 1 & done, 2 & done, or 3 & done, he will probably leave early.

I think he will be a two-year guy. Earlier this month I wrote that he’d put himself on draft boards this year if he matched Moses’ senior production. I got some pushback from within the program because he’s raw and they would prefer him to be here longer for obvious reasons.

But he’s so tall, long and athletic. If he produces and plays a big role, NBA teams are going to look at his physical traits and salivate over his potential. NBA teams love potential all day. Raw, to them, means room to grow most of the time. Take Jarrett Allen from Texas or Ike Anibogo from UCLA in this past draft. Both were drafted off potential, Allen in the first round.

I still lean toward two years, but it’s not out of the question at all that his stock goes up and he’s on the radar if he has a productive freshman season.

Comments: I completely disagree with those thoughts and definitely understand why our coaching staff would be upset with what you were advocating as it relates to Gafford. Allow this young man to grow and mature in a Hawg uniform as oppose to the NBA G-league. I’ve said this before, B Portis left too early, he followed a friend’s advise who he admires “to get that first around money” I wonder if he regrets that move by not staying in college one more year…

If you disagree that he has the size, length and athleticism NBA teams find highly attractive, I’m going to assume you haven’t seen him. He definitely does and he’s got a high ceiling.

He’s raw but has a lot of gifts. He will have growing pains, but there is a lot of potential, which NBA teams value a lot.

I did not advocate he do anything. I put his situation in perspective. I think he will be a two-year player, but his playing time and physical gifts mean he may be on the radar of NBA personnel. That’s the sign of a good player, which obviously every program wants.

Bobby made the right decision. He was as always going to be a back half of the first round pick because of his lack of athleticism.

I don’t think Portis left too early. His limitations were athletic, and he was unlikely to significantly top his soph year from an individual perspective. He was like a machine in his consistency until he went into a massive shooting slump in the postseason. If he had a long stretch like that as a junior, he could even have moved out of the first round. He got unlucky going to a crummy organization, though.

Reply: well his slump in the post season play ultimately showed up in his inabilities to make shots. North Carolina placed two bigs on him one fronted him and the other behind him leaning on him the entire game they wore him down attributed to his poor shooting, but that strategy started in the SEC post play. Which is one of the reasons why I said he left too early as a sophomore. Portis is plenty athletic for the NBA he may not have the skills sets as a Anthony Davis, or Cousins both 7footers, otherwise he stacks up nicely against the rest of the field. There are so many intangibles at the next level, a very long season the infusion of European players that play the game differently much more Phyical than necessary and in scrimmages won’t hesitate in delivering a cheap shot…

I always said Portis should have waited one more year, but it wasn’t because of his skill set improving. My opinion was based on the rookie pay scale increase the following year. The following year was supposed to be a “down year” when it came to the HS one and done guys. I think he could have not improved and went higher in the draft.

As for his play, not sure him playing in Europe for a year or two wouldn’t have developed him for the NBA better. He would have had another big and he would most likely played as a PF instead of a C. Right now Lopez is the Bulls C, and when Bobby returns, he will be PF. I think that he wouldn’t have played PF here, so he would have kept getting multiple bigs leaning on him and tiring him out. This was the reason I was so excited about seeing Perry and Gafford together. We would have had the two bigs that could play at the same time for an extended period.

Response: no I have not seen him play as of yet, I live more than 10hrs way from the hill obviously much closer to Eldorado. Yes I agree with your assessment regarding his physical/athletic attributes but I was already aware of his potentials when he committed early to The UA (I have access to both reliable eyes and ears up on the hill) where we differ is posting his name on the draft board for the sake of writing articles. Listen if this young man finish with an above average season as a freshman and this team exceeds all expectations let the maddest begin and you can bet the other SEC coaches will go into the desperation mode nothing is to low

Gotcha. I wish I’d have gotten a chance to see him in high school. I was wholly unprepared for how athletic he is when I finally saw him in person. His highlight tapes didn’t do him justice. I kind of wonder if he’s still growing a little. Getting into an actual weight program is helping him a lot, both strength-wise and in terms of athleticism.

Obviously I have no control over draft boards. I’m simply saying there’s a good chance he at least puts himself on the radar if he has a productive freshman season, because of his immense physical tools. I think that’s very fair and realistic.

Doesn’t mean he will leave or be a first-round projection. But Alabama’s Donta Hall is on boards. Terence Davis from Ole Miss, too. Guys who have NBA measurements and show potential get noticed. All I’m trying to say.

Daniel has elite athleticism which helps him overcome some of his offensive shortcomings. You would expect him to fine tune his game the next 2-3 years. Like Jimmy said, the NBA does draft often based off of potential and he has that for sure.

A guy on Twitter was concerned about him being a one and done after the RW game. Basing an opinion off an inter-squad game game is way too soon for me.

Daniel is at least 2-and-done if not making it to his junior season.

Great athleticism and vast potential, but I do not see him with a well-rounded enough skill set offensively to pop out after year one and be drafted where he wants to be drafted.

I base that on having watched him play something like 30 times in high school and AAU basketball.

He’s gotten better every year and added something to his game.

He had a very good second half on Friday night and Coach A will have trouble slowing down the hype train.

But Daniel - who told me he is 233 now although listed at 217 - has to get more weight, strength, a better shot and a better low post game to get to where he wants to and that’s near the top of the first round, not near the bottom.

He is going to have a very good year, but it obviously won’t be 23 and 15 every night.

Even though the NBA will draft based on potential, if a players is not ready for the NBA, there are two good reasons to remain in college for another year. First, it will increase the player’s draft position so that the player will actually earn more total salary and second, it is not much fun setting on an NBA bench when you could be starting and be the star player for your college.

However, I don’t know how much that influences a player. Perhaps, getting paid a $million or so now, is much more important than receiving much more a year later. And, maybe money now is far more important then starting, the cheering, and accolades.