So is Brandon Martin coming back or not?

I’m quite confused about his situation on the team. And please, no cat spats in this thread. I’m just asking a question and not throwing any stones at Brandon or anyone else.

As of right now he is not on the football team. I think it is doubtful that he comes back, but I don’t know all of the details pertinent to his situation. He is still enrolled in classes through the university, so I assume the window is not closed on his return.

There is great potential with Brandon Martin, but there has been little sign that he’s capable of helping this team. He would have to both become eligible and learn the details of the offense. How he’s going to do that not working out with the team this summer is probably a stretch. You don’t want to say never, but a lot has to happen for him to be a contributor in the near future.

How many years of elibility does he have left, 1 or 2?