So is 2019/20 basketball team set?

Or is there anyone else joining the team before fall semester starts?


As Senor Davenport would say I think that situation is fluid!

As of now they’re done. Can that change? With this staff heck yes.

Does that include someone who left possibly returning?

If you’re talking about Hill, no.

Unless something drastic changes, they’re done. You have the roster for this fall.

No, I wasn’t talking about Hill, but I do know some were wondering. I was thinking of the connection to Bryce Thompson


If all appears as is for the roster this fall, any indication if Vanover gets a ruling soon I wonder?

That could be a game changer that tilts the roster in a positive direction.

Otherwise we have Cylla and Whitt replacing Gafford and KES, which may be a step back in talent.

However, the positive part regardless is one year of SEC and D1 experience for most of the roster.

While I wish him luck, I go into this situation not expecting Vanover to be ruled eligible because he is not a high-profile QB, guys who seem to get breaks.

As for the roster, I think it is set unless someone drops into the transfer portal that we don’t know about yet

I see Whitt as a senior better than KES as a freshman.

I don’t think Chaney will put up Gafford numbers, but I do think he will be better.

I also think Cylla gives Arkansas more than it got at the 4 last season.

I agree with you on this

So Whitt over KES and Gafford over Cylla in a one on one matchup. That is almost a wash or tilts towards last year because of Gafford. That was my first point. Hope you agree With Gafford over Cylla.

As far Chaney next year, that is about my second point that next year’s roster will be more experienced and that tilts it towards next year’s roster.

But Vanover would tilt it ever more heavier towards’s next year’s roster.

Since Cylla is not playing the 5, I see it as apples and oranges not apples and apples.

Soo I look at it a 3-position deal, not just a 2-position one

If it was just a Cylla vs. Gafford debate, I would take Gaffiord.

Here is my simple take on this years team.

I feel really good about our top 6 (Joe, Jones, Chaney, Sills, Whitt, Cylla).

IF Vanover can get cleared, I’ll put him in that group as well. So that would be a big time bonus.

I’m not a fan of starter minutes Jalen Harris. BUT, I think he’ll be just fine and can provide a nice role off the bench, getting 15 minutes or so a game. I think if he is your 7th or 8th guy you are doing ok.

So there is your top 7 or 8. Then if only ONE of Bailey, Gabe, or Henderson can somehow improve, play a role, play 12-15 minutes a game and give you a most likely 8 man (9 if Vanover is cleared) rotation you have to feel pretty good about the team.

Heck, maybe Moser can find us a gem in this overseas thing he is gonna go scout soon.

I know there is an individual who calls himself an “insider” on another board, but he has a Top 5 players since Muss arrived. According to him, Harris has been lights out from deep (even with the extension). Also, said his jump shot is falling. That’s good news to me. As for Henderson and Gabe, I think you’re selling them a little bit short. I think Bailey is what he is at this point, but being a SR, I bet he gets playing time.

I also get what Dudley is saying, Whitt as a SR is better than KES was as a freshmen. Cylla is a add on that gives us something we didn’t have last year. And SO Chaney will be better than Freshmen Chaney. Transfer SR Cylla, SO Chaney, and Transfer SR Whitt combined maybe better than SO Gafford and Freshmen KES combined.

Assuming Vanover does not get a waiver, they need to add another player to replace Hill. As it stands now, we have only four players on the bench. A couple of injuries or suspensions or end of Fall semester transfers could create a major depth issue.

I’m not sure if adding a player will mean anything. The new coach rarely plays more than nine.

I know, but we may end up with just 8 healthy players. That is tight, even for Coach Muss. I am really worried about the end of Fall semester transfers, if things don’t work out for them in November and early December.

Interesting thought.

Is there still time to add someone before the semester starts I wonder?