So, insiders...

Who do yall believe will be purged???

I am guessing 2-3 of the wide receivers don’t return. I think Pettway, Wood, and Stewart return but of the rest, several won’t.

Cantrell walked on Senior Day. Any of the fullback and blocking only tight ends will not be back.

All of the punters need to move on.

Pulley is gone and probably Curl with him.

I assume Agim goes pro and Harris stays. Agim would go much higher if he had a stand out year next year, but I think he always planned to leave early and will follow that plan.

Cole Kelley is gone for sure. Probably Hyatt too.


Micah Smith
Jordan Curtis

My guess.

Sosa stays, his draft stock is crap because… well… he hasn’t been all that great. Really stupid if he leaves.

Scoota stays because he could improve his draft stock and possibly be next ears Devin white.

So my who leaves-

Curl- I think he’s gone, I’m not that upset he was OK, nothing to be upset over losing.
Pulley- he’s gone and I doubt he gets drafted if he does it’ll be 7th round.

Then some of the back ups who know one really knows anything about.

I think Curl stays and honestly Pulley, Sosa and Scoota need to stay.

Curl and Pulley only leave because their ego won’t allow the public disciplinary action that they took. Agim and Harris both are future NFL picks. I’m not convinced they would both be drafted if they leave now. Another year will solidify their future. It’s worth staying in my opinion just for the $$$. I’m looking more at the changes to the coaching staff, either because someone else comes knocking or CCM realizes he has to make some changes. I still believe Craddock is in over his head as a coordinator. I’m not sure how good he is with his position coaching either, but then, he didn’t have a lot to work with. Coordinator requires a great deal more than just calling plays. It’s the leading of both assistant coaches and players, and evaluation of the assistant coaches recommendations for who plays and who doesn’t. He needs a bit more experience in my opinion.

Pulley I don’t get. You see some mention of him going NFL but I personally don’t see NFL effort.

Pull the tape of Pulley against MSU and you will see large D series at times among the worst efforts in a Razorback uniform ever.

I wrote here previously I thought he should have been suspended or benched for that effort long before he talked to a cheerleader.