So Insiders, Has Perry Moved on Completely

Or do you think there’s still a decent chance he comes to AR? If he’s moved on, what’s our next move to replace his loss?

At this time, I believe both sides have moved on. I would be surprised if anything happens with Reggie and Arkansas.

Josh Leblanc is the main guy right now. There will be other names coming out later this month as the coaches are able to evaluate more.

Here are the evaluation days for July.

12– 16
19 – 23
26 – 30

Well shoot! I figured you were going to say both had moved on. That stinks but that’s why CMA is paid the big bucks. Thanks for the info.

As always, it’s subject to change. I can tell you the absolute very best sources will tell you one think one day and it might change in a week, month, six months, etc. It’s not they;re feeding bad info, but as we all know recruiting change in a heartbeat.

Why would Arkansas move on?

I’m assuming if the Perry’s told them they have moved on and there’s no chance of him coming to Arkansas; Arkansas would have no choice but to move on. Best thing that can happen for us in the Perry situation would be for the recruits on the Hawks to keep at him and get him to think about it.

Doubt they were told that by the Perrys, particularly with him playing with the rest of the Hog commits this month.

I would like to know why Arkansas would move on. There are only 1-2 reasons I’ve seen us move on from high-profile/ranked in-state guys or guys who have major connections here or were committed here.

When I listened to Bill Ingram and Dr. Hill on the radio last week, I did not get the impression that Arkansas has shut the door on Perry. I don’t think that is what Richard is saying,

Richard posted:

“At this time, I believe both sides have moved on. I would be surprised if anything happens with Reggie and Arkansas.”

If that isn’t saying Arkansas is moving on, what is? There’s no ambiguity, there. I would still like to know why we would do that. It makes no sense unless there’s another reason we haven’t heard about.

I would think the only way Arkansas has moved on from Perry is if they have been told by the Perry family that they have moved on and will not be signing with Arkansas.

Yea, that’s what I was saying earlier, seems like a given that is what happened.

Auburn, Ga, Ga Tech, FSU - is according to Scout (who broke the decommitted story) his only interest as of now. With the reason listed as why he decommitted this makes sense.

He’s moved on. It’s past time for this board to move on.

Why would that be a given? Because we have reportedly moved on? I just don’t see the Perrys telling Arkansas that unequivocally–not with him playing with the others this summer and not with them respecting MA and staff as much as they do.

And, even if they did tell MA that, it’s borderline malpractice of MA and staff to completely give up that quickly on a kid who is that talented and in whom they have invested that much time.

It just doesn’t add up and it’s certainly not a “given” that’s what happened.

I don’t know what answer you’re looking for RD clearly stated both parties have moved on. I took that as the family letting the coaching staff know they are going in a different direction and the coaching staff respecting the family’s decision. Not sure what you want the staff to do at that point, are they suppose to just keep calling? To me that would seem like it would make things worse. It’s like with a girl, she tells you she needs some time, the worst thing for you to do is be that guy that keeps calling anyways. Sometimes giving them time and distancing yourself for a while is the best possible thing to do, let them see what else is out there and hopefully they realize what they’re missing.

Response: Big Bucks, compared to whom other D1 coaches within the power 5 conferences, or is big bucks based solely on your perception, because I share with you he is nowhere close to the top.

I say it all the time never say never in recruiting. Could things heat back up later? Sure.

Often times when a kid decommits the school that had him will just back off for awhile and come back in later and test the waters. It could happen here, but at this time I doubt it.

Again, to reinforce what I posted earlier in this thread, I agree with you. This staff is too smart to tell Perrys bye bye. Just don’t see them doing that. They will leave the door wide open, but at the same time start recruiting a replacement. I am sure that is what they have done.

I’m confused, are you guys not reading what RD is saying? Both parties have moved on…

And I follow a lot of basketball recruiting, only time you will see them recommit if it was a coaching change situation, where the coach was fired, kid decommitted, then new coach got them to recommit. I actually can’t think of a single situation in basketball where a kid decommitted then recommitted to the same coaching staff if they were at the same school. Only hope is if he gets around his hawk friends and they change his mind. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Seems like family put in thought on moving on, and as RD said right now it looks doubtful. Kevin McPherson has also said it looks doubtful. If the experts that do this for a living are telling you it’s over, pretty good chance it’s over. It was fun to think about Perry here for a year, but it’s not happening.