So impressed with Felipe

Not perfect, but continues to make great plays. Moving the sticks and extending drives. TD when we needed it. You can easily knit pick him, but there is a ton to like.


He played much better last week, but well enough today. But how about that catch from Burks; that’ll make a QB look good.

Not sure what he’s seeing on keeping the ball so much, but have to give him credit and respect.

Hoping for improvement reading a D.

Love that he does not give up.


Great observation. Unable to get a true perspective watching the game on TV and don’t know what he is being coached to do. Are the receivers unable to get any separation? Or is the defense flooding the zone dropping eight defenders? Is it play calling or inability to audible to a better play? Brandon Allen did a great job his senior year getting us out of bad play calls. Also first year in new system without any spring ball. A lot of variables involved. Can only improve as the season plays out.


He is our best chance to win, but his decisiveness and field awareness are big concerns and probably why he did not keep the job at Florida. I have not jumped off his bandwagon, just realize that there are holes in his game.

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He didn’t keep his job at Florida because of a horrible ankle dislocation.

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Yes, he didn’t lose the job at Florida.

It does appear he holds it too long at times

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While I agree, I did not notice him throwing 2 pic 6s.

At least he has time to hold the ball.

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Great point, euro! In earlier threads there were disparaging comments regarding our OC. My comment at the time was that perhaps it was too early to tell. Well, since the beginning of the second half last week, the development of the offensive line has really taken a step in the right direction, allowing the plays that were called to develop. Do not remember seeing anything like that for several years. Hopefully it will continue in a positive direction. My bourbon (or whatever) sips now are a toast rather than to try to help me forget.

Who is Felipe?

Two rushers were closing in on the Franks throw to Burks for the touchdown. It was as safe a throw as you could make on that situation where you kick a field goal if it doesn’t work. No one was going to touch it but Treylon. I thought he was throwing it away at first, then Treylon snared it.

My thought as Burks caught it – and I’m sad to admit it – boy, oh, boy if Bill Montgomery had put it there for Dicus in '69?

And, I don’t know how he could deliver it softer to Boyd on the screen pass on a third down blitz. He just had it floating to Boyd on the perimeter. Briles went to the ground on that drop.

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Several drops in the game that had they been made, we would be praising Franks more than discussing his flaws. We won, that’s what matters.

When he does not push forward off his back foot he throws errant and soft passes. Simply needs to step forward and follow through.

Had he thrown that ball a little bit up the field it’s a TD. Boyd still has to catch that ball. If he does that’s a huge gain. Also I think Warren dropped a big play. I feel like Briles is doing about as well as he can. We have limitations we are young at guard and center and can’t move the interior dlineman we are facing. Next year when they are a year bigger and stronger the goal line offense will be much better. Now that 4th down when we were late getting on the field was more of a concern. Love Pitt!! But he had to know that a fake was very possible everyone at my house was calling it before the play. That showed a lack of awareness. He is a new coach so hopefully in the future he will be more aware in those situations. Love this team they will bring the wood on defense!

BTW y’all, it’s Feleipe. :grinning:

All those runs by Feleipe-were those called plays or options he decided to keep the ball?

Those never worked, and I was glad to see us finally stop calling those plays. We do not have a running QB.

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I would say, first and foremost, that our Special Teams Coordinator should have been yelling in Sam’s ear about that, followed by Sam reacting to it. That assistant has only special teams to take care of during a game.

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Again we had a player who smelled out the fake punt and was in position to stop it for about a five yard loss. But he was also getting held. The guy broke the one-arm tackle and raced down the sideline.

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