So, if the rumors are true.....

…… and the UA has the money and is willing to pay its next men’s basketball coach between $4 and 5 million per year…

…… and we end up with Kelvin Sampson…

…… then someone in the UA athletic department needs to be fired.

If the UA is willing to pony up that amount of cash for its next men’s hoops coach…

…… then Yurachek better be setting his sights on coaching candidates WAY above the level of Kelvin Sampson.

I’m talking Billy Donovan/Mark Few/Brad Stevens-level coaches.

If Yurachek isn’t on the phone with those 3 coaches right now and gaging their interest in the job, then as far as I’m concerned he’s derelict in his duties as AD.

I tend to agree. This is the best shape the basketball program has been in since Nolan was here. The culture is very positive, we have been to several recent NCAA tournaments, we have a great practice facility, and even if some players transfer, we should have a good nucleus of young players with a lot of potential. These are things we didn’t have during prior coaching searches.

Because of these things, I hope we will take a shot at some high profile candidates that conventional wisdom says would not come here. The national media is immediately jumping on Kelvin Sampson because conventional wisdom says that he would make sense. But my point is that I would consider him to be the floor, not the ceiling. I don’t think we should do any worse than Sampson, but we have a chance to do better if we try.

Yep, go to the Big Dogs first, offer them the sun, moon and stars, and make them say no to you. Then start looking at the Sampson/Beard/Peterson-level coaches. There’s no need to rush this hire. I’ve gotta bad feeling Yurachek’s gonna pull the trigger quick on Sampson and there’s no need for that. Also, if Yurachek is seriously considering Sampson (and I suspect he is), then someone in the UA athletic dept. needs to remind him that Sampson broke NCAA rules at not one, but TWO major universities.

Just my 2 cents on all this.

We will be doing good if we get anyone who is coaching in the NCAA tourney right now.

IMVHO, this will be the most important hire in HY’s tenure here. If he doesn’t get this right, it could lead to his demise as easily as it could lead to his continued job security. Again; just my opinion.


If it’s another Stan Heath or John Pitiful the program will be headed for another dumpster fire.
What I think they should do is offer the job to Corliss Williamson before they go after a mid major coach! Oh course those same BOT they never wanted CMA wouldn’t go for it.
HY will answer for this hire right or wrong.

With all due respect, Corliss just about killed the program at UCA when he was coach there. It took years to overcome the mess he left behind. I loved Corliss as a player, and I suspect he is happy being in the pros right now. But to have him as our coach would be a huge, huge mistake. In my opinion.

Samson is kind of busy right now… His team is in the Sweet 16

Donovan is making $6mm in OKC and just had his option for next year picked up. He’s not taking a pay cut. When/if he comes back to the college game he’ll be a top 3 paid coach behind Calipari and Krzyzewski.

Few is an interesting case, he’s from the Northwest and has spent his entire career at Gonzaga. He’s never seriously flirted with any other job, never parlayed interest from other schools into a bigger contract. He makes less than $2mm and has no buyout. He could’ve doubled his salary years ago but hasn’t jumped at that chance.

He’s built a machine and is a king in Spokane. Personally, I don’t see him leaving that situation for anyone other than a blueblood. If it was just about the money, he would’ve left by now.

Yes, and he’s also a known cheater that broke multiple NCAA rules at 2 different universities. Arkansas can hire better than him. I just hope Yurachek recognizes that.

LOL, most all coaches ‘cheat’. He got caught.

The “cheating” part isn’t the biggest issue to me. He was making too many calls to recruits and the rules he broke aren’t even in place anymore. The biggest issue to me was that he lied to his bosses about it. That and his age…

Neither are necessarily deal breakers but they are major obstacles.

You’re probably right. All 3 are longshots. But hey, for the amount of cash the UA is apparently willing to pony up for a new coach, you at least get on the phone and make them tell u no.

If Kelvin Sampson is the guy (I hope not!), then that crooked MFer better be willing to come to Fayetteville for dirt cheap. I’m talking dirt cheap. Even for less than Mike Anderson was making. You don’t pay a guy who broke NCAA rules at 2 different universities more than the guy you just fired, who’s never had any NCAA compliance issues ever his entire coaching career.

If he was willing to break rules then, he’s willing to do it now. It doesn’t matter the rules he broke back when are no longer in place, what matters is he was willing to break rules that were in place at the time. And he did just that.

So you’re saying, once a bad guy, always a bad guy? No chance to repent and reform? No chance for him to learn from his mistakes?

And what if the next coach at Arkansas gets caught? Will you be laughing then, LOL?

In Sampson’s case, yep! He had a chance to “repent and redeem” himself and “learn from his mistakes” after Oklahoma, and by damn if he didn’t go and do the same s### a second time at another school.

Corliss??? We all love Corliss for what he did as a player, as we did Sidney. But, as coaches with the records that they had at UCA & UALR, and you talk about getting it RIGHT…holy smokes…that’s a CRAZY suggestion. We’ve had enough “experiment hires”…We HAVE to get this right & that doesn’t include Corliss…unless it’s as an assistant, ONLY!

I would be more surprised at the hiring of Sampson than I was the firing of Anderson. I see absolutely no up side to hiring Sampson, he may never have another NCAA infraction in his career but if HY hires him and he does have a infraction he puts HY in a terrible position. We need a well rounded young to middle aged coach with a winning resume who has made it to the tournament with his recruits and runs a clean program, that alone narrows the search in my opinion. It’s nonsense to believe in the home run hire, anyone who comes in and makes us better is a home run hire and I’m not talking about making a difference until he’s has his players, no different here than it was with the hiring of CCM and his first season and I think yesterday was also a wake up call to CCM about what expectation level are for head coaches at Arkansas. Sometimes you get worse before you get better. WPS