So if in fact Gus

Or for that matter any of the spread HUNH type coaches we are thought to be hiring, How long will it take to re-tool a Pro Style team such as we have?

That is one of my concerns as well. We have some good potential at WR but I am scared the TB’s and TE’s will be wasted. I think a good coach will come in and run a hybrid offense that fits the personnel.

Hearing a new name, and I don’t think anyone other than the money guys will be upset


What are you talking about? If you automatically associate Gus with throwing the ball a lot then you aren’t paying attention.

Auburn has rushed for almost 1000 more yards than Arkansas has this season and has the SEC’s leading rusher.

Gus may still run a version of the HUNH but it’s certainly more run based.

Gus runs the ball well over 60% of the time. He also uses a lead blocker quite often…as well as one TE. He would find a way to use our TE’s.

If he’s the next coach. I will believe it when I see it.

I am actually hoping its him with some of the other “absolutely not” names floating around (aka Leach…Briles…)

Down boy. I never mentioned Gus.

Was supposed to be directed at the person that started the thread.

Gus runs a spread, but a run based spread which works best with a dual threat quarterback. Biff is right on the money. I think the spread will really help a guy like TJ Hammonds who is great in space. Whaley has not been impressive his first two years, so I think a stud freshman running back come come in and start, if we can recruit one this class.