So I wore my Arkansas baseball shirt

Today when I went to Walmart here in Wilmington to pick up a prescription (yes, I’m old and I take pills).

It’s red, got the A letter we use on our baseball caps and a white bar below it that says “BASEBALL”.

So I get up to the counter to get my meds and the pharmacy tech asks when I left Alabama.

Yikes! I cringed. I also informed her that was an Arkansas A; the Ocean Scum uses a different A.

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I always tell people that the Alabama A’s flip up and the Arkansas A’s flip down I hear that all the tine in Texas!!!

I tell folks the A points south to Fort Smith.

Anybody remember Ole Miss fans at the 1970 Sugar Bowl referring to our “A” hats as “Archie Hats?”

Archie Manning, of course was their star QB.

Southpaw, I do recall that. Archie Who?


A red tide fan had the nerve to recently approach me and comment on my Razorback baseball cap (red with white A). He implied Arkansas was using a version of Bama’s A. Told the nitwit Arkansas has been using that version of the A since 1932 and the elephants have been using theirs since 2000. (There was an earlier Bama A logo that appeared in the 70’s, but it was terrible and wasn’t very popular.) So, Mr Brainiac, who modified whom’s logo, I asked? Told him that he was entitled to his own opinion on the issue, just not his own facts. He just walked away


I have encountered the less educated :crazy_face: as well when wearing a hat with the A on it. I am usually wearing a t-shirt that has Hogs, Razorbacks, or Arkansas across the chest, too.

I explain - sometimes I even do it nicely - that Alabummer’s color is crimson and they use a cursive A while Arkansas is Cardinal with an Old English/calligraphy A.

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It’s easy. The bummer A would tip over when rocked, while the Hog A is solid and would stand up if rocked.


I’d much rather have the chance to explain what the ‘A’ stands for than have somebody take me for an Alabama fan.

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