So I was called dumb and stupid last week

When I posted that we shouldn’t go to the NIT and that Gafford had nothing to gain by playing in it.

I was told - No way Gafford would do that to his teammates, it gets us more practice time and makes the school so much money by hosting.

Well Gafford ain’t playing, we leave today for the game and play tomorrow…so what extra practice time is there and by the way its a road game.

This is a lose lose for us.

Hold on to what you got because tomorrow night will be tough to watch. The aftermath will be even worse.

Or the aftermath may include the end of the “Hope and Nostaligia” tour and the UA can move on and hire a coach ready to lead this program to its rightful place in college basketball.

First, whoever called you stupid is stupid. I appreciate what you do for kids in Hot Springs,

You still don’t walk away from playing a game. It would be interesting to see how Chaney does with additional PT that most are asking for.

Should the football team reject an invite to a minor bowl game ar the end of a 6-6 season?

Just because you may have been right about this doesn’t mean you aren’t still dumb and stupid! (j/k)

I remembered the post, and had a good idea of who said it, so I went back and looked, he actually didn’t call YOU stupid. He made that comment to another poster and you took it as him talking to you.

Not defending because I got in trouble for calling people trolls, he should for calling them stupid, but I didn’t see one place where he called you stupid.

However, there were several that disagreed with you about Dan playing

Why is he not playing? Is he just ready for the season to be over like most of us or is he avoiding injury?

That’s funny…not only is the Internet forever but practically everything can be confirmed true/false…even your own posts. :sunglasses:

If you are talking to me, I know I didn’t call you stupid.

I was told by those around Daniel that he was going to play in the NIT if they got a bid.

He - or the agent - clearly changed his mind.

It’s hard to argue with it these days when it has become the norm among football players.

I don’t remember one of these in basketball

I did go back and look at the thread because I was on pain pills for the knee last week.

It appears on page 2 that you were the one who brought up the words dumb and stupid.


That right there is funny…I don’t care who you are…lol

End nostalgia? This comment is a comment in nostalgia.

Sadly, that is what many people on this site do when they don’t agree with the post. Instead of arguing the post which would be the proper thing to do, they insult or attack the poster.

I did go back and look at the thread because I was on pain pills for the knee last week.

It appears on page 2 that you were the one who brought up the words dumb and stupid


Page 2 is in reference to Swinefusions comment…did you happen to read that?

Yes, and I am the one around here who routinely ask you guys to debate the ideas and not name call like middle schoolers.

From the “things we’ll never know” file . . .

Wonder if he might have played if we were hosting (playing at Bud Walton)?

If you are talking about me, I didn’t call you stupid. I rarely even use that word. I can’t remember my exact words, but my point was it’s beneficial for the players to play in the NIT to get experience and get more practices, which it is. CMA literally just said that in the press conference that with a team like this the NIT is beneficial, and even referenced his UAB team that benefited from the NIT and it spring boarded their next season when they made the sweet 16 in NCAA tournament. So, if you have an issue on my thoughts about the NIT, you also have an issue with CMA’s thoughts because he basically echoed the point I was trying to make to you. And as far as Gafford, I still believe it wouldn’t hurt him playing in the NIT, CMA just spoke on it, and you could tell it caught him off guard and he was bothered by it, he said “I believe you start what you finish.” Bob Holt tried to get him to admit he was upset about it, then CMA back tracked and said he supports Daniel’s decision and dropped the discussion after that.

No, he was referring to SwinFusion. As I said above, Swine didn’t call him stupid he (Swine) quoted another individual and said stupid. The OP took it as Swine was referring to him.

I remember these threads because I have been called stupid and encouraged not to post anymore by several, and I usually end up being right. So when it’s said to another I keep tabs on it.

So Blu I will state this again…swine fusion said this, which you can go back and read - “You people hate Mike so much you get stupid”

You just argued your point about how wrong I was for not wanting to play in the NIT and that there would be no way Gafford wouldn’t play. That’s your opinion and that’s cool but I had one also that was different which you made out like I was so out in left field.

If Anderson thinks its a great idea to play in the NIT than yes I disagree with that. If we lose tomorrow it will do a lot more harm than good for our program. There is no way Gafford just told them this morning that he wasn’t going. They just couldn’t say anything in fear of not getting invited to the NIT.

So just be a realist for a minute. Tomorrow night who can we throw it to on the block to get a bucket? Who can make 10-12 boards that Gafford won’t be there to get. We get out rebounded almost every game with Gafford. If we win I will be so happy but if we lose I dread what comes from it.

Don’t recall anyone calling you dumb or stupid “personally”. I do recall some of us thinking Dan would play in the NIT, just an opinion that he would, doesn’t mean me or anyone else is dumb or stupid for thinking that either.
But to cancel the invite would be demoralizing to the team with or without Dan or anyone else. Why? To send a message to the team they can’t win without him & just fold up? I don’t think the rest of the team would want that. Let the kids play that’s what they signed on for.