So I suppose we are all rooting for TX Tech to lose

Knowing it’s even harder to lure away a national title coach if at all.

I’m guessing it would be helpful.

For all of you that think we get Beaard,give me a PM. I have some ocean front property here in Arkansas for sale.

:lol: …I hope he wins it…he’ll be in Lubbock next year regardless

Yep , I don’t understand why we are dead set to talk to him. I am afraid this is going to backfire on us,and we will get an up and comer nobody has heard of. That worries me.

I agree. I’m under no illusions.

I find Beard hire very hard to believe.

Makes me wonder though if PTB still thinks a chance if he advances to finals or wins it all.

I wonder if he advances past tomorrow, if we don’t go to plan be. PTB that is.

I am assuming they have a deal with Beard but will not announce as long as he is in the tournament. Now, you are free to start bashing me!

Would be awesome if true.



What makes that little ant think he can move that rubber tree plant

Because he’s got high hopes
High as the sky hopes :lol:

Maybe not, not saying he is coming to AR, but there are some issues outside of coaching that may affect that decision either way

Time to shave the Beard of delusion. He is not coming here. Period. End of story. I hope the TT boys win it all. And to think, we were a couple of made free throws and a little better officiating away from beating those guys at their place.

Don’t forget we were a couple made FT’s from beating the NIT champs, too.

If that was true, they would not be talking to other coaches. You could tell A&M had a deal with Buzz Williams. No other name came up in connection with that job.

You continue to talk until the deal is signed; would be foolish not to

Texas Tech can lose by 50 points and Beard is still not coming here, why our AD or members of board, or whoever even thinks is a even possibility is very concerning regarding their judgement.

Beard just made the final 4 at Texas Tech, he will forever be a legend there no matter what else he does. He also has a top 15 recruiting class coming in. He was an assistant under his mentor for 11 years at Tech also. And on top of all that, Texas Tech is not dumb, they would be crazy not to give Beard whatever he wants for however many years he wants, which I’m sure they will do. He’s going to get some crazy Greg Marshall type of contract, where they basically can’t fire him without a ridiculous payout.

But, some fans think, that he’s going to turn all that down to come to Arkansas, when we have 135th ranked class in the nation, and he has no connections to the state other than coaching at UALR for year… all because we won a National Championship in 1994, and ironically the one coach that was able to do that was ran out of town and we just ran his top assistant out of town, without even giving a press conference or even giving him a proper thank you when he’s been apart of the program 25+ years.

Only in Arkansas…

Well said… I agree 100%… Gus used us for a huge raise and now Beard will do the same. He has NO intentions of becoming Hog. TTech would look like idiots if they let him go.

Blu your probably right but either way Arkansas is going to make Beard a very rich man. Everything we know makes us say he would never make a change our way, but it’s not what we know,it’s what we do not know that continues to give some cause for hope, including HY I guess. WPS