So I get back to my hotel yesterday after work

Around 6 pm Eastern. I’m working in Cary, NC, this weekend, a suburb of Raleigh. Walk into the lobby and there are about 15-20 athletic young women clustered around a TV watching a football game. The game appeared to be the Notre Dame game and the women were wearing shirts with an ND logo, so I guessed they might be a Fighting Irish team. Yup: Notre Dame is playing North Carolina at Chapel Hill in soccer this afternoon, 13 miles from my hotel (which is actually closer to the hotel than the nursing home where I’m working).

I didn’t see any masks on any of the soccer players, BTW.

They’ll be back in two weeks too. The ACC soccer tournament is being held there in Cary, at the same field where the Hogs played Virginia Tech in the NCAA tournament two years ago. And UNC is still ranked #1. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to knock them off again in August.

Swine, give us a bit of insight of what you’ve seen as to how well or not well NC seems to be handling protecting its most vulnerable citizens in these nursing homes. What types of visitation protocol do they have in place as far as screening visitors and are there any preventive meds being given to the residents at these facilities?

I’ve worked at three homes in NC now. Visitation is not allowed at all, and anyone coming in from outside (like us) has to have temperature checks, certify that we haven’t been exposed to COVID-19 and in this case, show a recent negative swab (mine was last Sunday). We walked into one resident’s room yesterday to talk to her about joining our study and she was looking out her window at some people outside in Halloween costumes. She said those people had been frequent visitors before the pandemic, but now have to do their visiting through the glass. Staff is all in masks, goggles and gowns, as are we. Of course the reason I’m here is that somebody in this home tested positive last Monday. I’m not aware that they’re being given anything as a preventive measure, other than our study,

Come to think of it, the homes I’ve worked at in Illinois and Indiana also are not allowing visitors. I learned Friday that Arkansas is now one of the states included in the study, but we haven’t had a site there yet. I’m lobbying to be sent there when we do.

We were at the Outer Banks 2 weeks ago. Drove by the exits for Cary on the way up and back. I spent many a day in that area in my career. Praying that your work will result in treatments for this crazy pandemic Jeff. Thanks for your willingness to be on the front lines.

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It’s going well. Lilly’s study of combination treatment of hospitalized patients with antibodies and remdesivir has been suspended, but our study (antibodies only) is rocking right along.

Last week in Indiana, the nursing home receptionist stopped me and asked if any of my team had received the treatment. I told her the truth: We’re not eligible for the study because we’re not nursing home staff, but if we were, I would not be hesitant to enroll (and of course there’s a 50/50 chance that you just get salt water instead of the antibodies anyway). Sunday morning, she walked into our room, signed the consent and I did some of her enrollment paperwork.

Appreciate the information and you take care of yourself.

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I live in Chapel Hill. As great as the Arkansas women’s soccer team is, the UNC women’s soccer team is currently ranked #1. If the Notre Dame women’s soccer team has come into town not wearing masks, they are acting like #2 :frowning:. Go Heels!

UNC leading the Irish 1-0 late in the first half.

UNC coach Anson Dorrance may be the best college coach ever, in any sport, not named Wooden or McDonnell – 23 national championships, in a sport that only has one per year. He’s slacking off; they haven’t won the NC since 2012, but they’ve lost in the NCG the last two years. Makes Nick Saban look like a beginner.

I don’t understand, what sports have more than one National Championship a year?

Yes, Anson Dorrance’s record is remarkable. When they used to ask Dean Smith if UNC was a basketball school, he answered “No, it’s a women’s soccer school.”

UNC was so dominant in women’s soccer at the beginning that it forced other schools to try desperately to upgrade in order to try to catch up with them. So UNC has not so much slacked off in recent years, they are as good as always, it is just that others have pretty much caught up with them. Makes it more difficult for UNC to win it all but it’s good for the sport. Like Arkansas coming out of nowhere to be where they are now, it’s great. We’re probably not up to UNC’s level yet, but we can beat them and have.

Two asides. UNC is not a football school yet, saw Mack Brown at a game wearing a Michael Jordan Jumpman basketball COVID mask. And years ago my grad school classmate and I played recreational soccer in Chapel
Hill and my introduction to the sport was me and my friend double teaming Dorrance, who co-founded the league and had showed up for practice. I moved to goalie.

Btw, UNC beat ND 2-0.

Each sport has only one national championship per year, but a coach could have multiple based on the teams they’re coaching. For instance, McDonnell had the opportunity to earn 3 every year (some of which occurred).

Hogin58 is correct. Track coaches like John McDonnell and Lance Harter have the opportunity to win up to three NCs per year (cross country, indoor track, outdoor track), and John won multiple titles a few times. I think some swimming coaches double in water polo which could be another way to win multiple titles, although I don’t know that anyone has actually done that, and now there’s indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

Now I get it. Thanks. But although he got the benefit of that, McDonnell’s records are no less remarkable.

Agree absolutely on McDonnell. If he’d one 3 natties but they all occurred in the same calendar year, it would be a different story. But the amount of time between two of his triple crowns was almost 20 years. That is sustained dominance.

John won five triple crowns in a 14-year span. One triple crown is incredible. Oregon in 2016-17 is the only women’s program to pull off the TC in a school year; Texas and Arkansas (2019) won all three in a calendar year but XC was in the next school year. IIRC UTEP did a men’s triple crown back in the 60s.

I looked up the XC, IT and OT records. UTEP won the calendar year triple crown in 1975 and 1978 but never all three in the same academic year. So John is the only men’s coach to do it and he did it five times.

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