So I Am Just Asking...

is it possible that $16-million worth of buy outs later we are going to have both a lesser AD and a lesser coach?
If so who pays the price for that debacle? BOT? Money bag good ol’ boy supporters? State politicians?
Overall this athletic department is listed in the top ten nationally. Graduations rates are up. The facilities are outstanding. We had anationally respected athletic director and football coach. Now we have neither and an out of control rumor mill full of people absolutely sure they have the inside scoop and yet half those scoops are different.
If I was not a proud alum and fan and have an emotional connection to the whole thing I would think it was fun to watch the circus as this programs tries everything it can to tank itself and ruin its national image. But since I am and I do it actually angers me.
There is still more story to tell, but right now it looks like a tragic comedy.

There is no correct answer to your question short-term. As with anything else, time will tell whether or not the happenings of the past two weeks were the correct moves.

From a football coaching standpoint, I think a change had to be made. I’m not sure about the other; I understand the arguments on both sides.

As for the buyout money, you need to add the buyouts for the soon-to-be-former assistants and the soon-to-be-hired head and assistant coaches from their existing employers, and the potential buyout for a sitting AD. All told, the UA could be on the hook for between $20 million and $25 million, although with the offset provisions it isn’t likely to be that high.

This level of change is expensive. It will be covered through private donations.

This is good. The people that were pushing for this for their own personal reasons should pay for this.
Thanks for the feedback Matt.

I’m still holding.

A lot of people were wrong about Long.

I knew the information months ago and confirmed, a week before.

And CBB had to go. The money will come from a money tree, LOL

Seems like some are throwing stuff and hoping it sticks. Gus being the biggest glob. Hope we are surprised in a good way

Bielema was an unmitigated disaster…he had to go and so did Long assuming he was standing in the way of change.

Yes he was and Long wasn’t the perfect AD either, glad both are gone.