So how well does UK pay

If Louisville is proven guilty of these 6 figure payoffs, then I can’t imagine what Kentucky pays.

Right now, only Adidas is being implicated but I don’t believe for a moment that in the world so competitive Nike isn’t involved too. Kentucky will get their due.

Nike Grassroots has been subpoenaed with all their documents, so if a Nike school did something wrong, the should catch it, but I think Nike may be better at hiding it

Some of the coaches arrested this week are with Nike and Under Armour schools.

I would bet that FBI tip line is buzzing madly this week. Ratting out others to save yourself, in some cases.

I would be pretty nervous if I was an AD who just hired a former assistant from a big school as a head coach. A head coach might have minions now for plausible deniability, but you’ve still bought a poop sandwich if your new HC was dirty in his previous gig.

I agree that there will be probably be lots of deals cut by those involved. There are several good reasons to believe that will be especially true with this mess. First, there is not much chance Adidas or Rick Pitino will have you or your family killed if you turn rat. Second, white collar criminals generally have more fear of going to jail than a real villain, and these guys all seem to fit that category. Third, most of these guys at the moment can afford good lawyers to help them get better deals.

I kind of wonder if this is going to turn into an effort to go after the agents and shoe companies more than the coaches before its over. It’s all ready fairly apparent that the players are not targets, and some of them probably will be given immunity.

They served papers on Nike this morning

Not targets of the FBI, but there’s still the NCAA. The kid who got the $100K at Louisville has been declared ineligible by the school. Will the NCAA lift that if he sings? Not sure. The feds always like to go for the top of the pyramid. Not sure who that would be, but it would have to be higher up than that Adidas executive who was arrested, I would think. In all likelihood somebody higher up gave him his marching orders. Those orders could have even come from Germany. An American named Eric Liedtke is the Adidas director of Global Brands. As best I can tell he’s based in Germany now. Their US headquarters is in Portland but I can’t tell who runs things there.

Yup. And the rivers of sweat are starting to pour out in Lexington.

Interesting tidbit: It is now being reported that “Coach 2” in the indictment that came out the other day is none other than Slick Rick Pitino. Which means his “I’m shocked” and “I didn’t know anything about it” is complete horsehockey. The indictment says Coach 2 was asked to call Jim Gatto, the Adidas executive, about getting more money for Player 10, now known to be Brian Bowen.

Ya know, CNR was one of the first coaches to try not to get sucked into the AAU circuit in recruiting. He was onto something back then.

I was thinking about that this morning. Nolan’s complete disdain for the AAU system was laughed off by some. It does seem that he might have known what he was talking about.

If Cal and Nike covered their sneaker tracks well enough, we may never find out. But I’d be willing to bet that Cal’s entire recruiting model changed this week–which would be good for the rest of the college basketball world. And I have a feeling that this may also bring about the end of the one-and-done rule which has wrecked college basketball. That in itself is probably enough to chase Cal back to the NBA.

Squid has covered his tracks well enough to throw off the NCAA. The FBI, and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, are a whole different league of investigation. Go to the NBA? He’ll be lucky to avoid federal prison. See that’s another thing. If he left for the NBA, the NCAA can’t touch him. The FBI doesn’t care where he’s working at the time.

Remember the kid from North Little Rock that signed with Kentucky that said " it was a business decision".

Read an article on Kentucky basketball on sec nation. Kid goes to Kentucky, turns pro, signs w agent. At that time the school sets up autograph sessions for the kid with blue nation, as Calapari calls it. Says they are rabid fans and will pay for autographs. The article said these can get up to the six figure level and is perfectly legal since the kids has declared. Then they get drafted and get millions. Pretty smart and legal if you ask me. Not saying Kentucky is clean, Calapari is scum But he’s found a way to promise kids money while technically not breaking rules.

Cal. “Greaseball” and coaches like him with no integrity are hired by AD’s with the same values. Birds of a feather flock together.
We will see in the next few months a lot of singing going on by future jail birds that will literally spill the beans on everybody to save their own rear end.
I can’t want for the idiot Dickie V to comment about all of his great coaching friends. The fired coaches that announce games now and coach these youth USA teams are just as dirty.
Refs that call games are laugh and joke with one team and make obvious one sided calls are guilty of cheating too.
I would like some of you guys to think about the Auburn LSU football game last year. There was a targeting call on an Auburn DB on Danny Etling. The call came on a hit when Etling was standing.
A second DB came in and hit Eting on the ground and Etling helmet came off. The DB plants his face mask in Etlings face. Which brought blood. There were 2 zebras right next to the play. They reviewed and tossed the first DB and did nothing too the second DB that surely took 2 cheap shots. One on the ground before the Helment came off and the second shot once the helment was off. If they were worried about player safety don’t you think the SEC office would have responded.
There is cheating all over sports!
If a coach is caught in a scam of cheating they should not be hired to coach period or this will continue.

I remember many years back CNR was heavily recruiting Penny Hardway it came down to UA or staying at home At Memphis State, as I understand it from a previous player CNR was told he need this amount and his response I don’t pay, the rest is history

Oh, Dickie V already out here defending his buddies…

According to him Pitino just made bad hires the past couple years is all. He’s willing to completely ignore all of his history and pretend like Pitino is just a great guy that that couldn’t have possibly known what was going on. It’s funny because strippers, prostitutes, assistant coaches, GA’s, recruits, players, friends of players, etc. all knew about everything that was going on but the Great Rick Pitino had no clue of what was going with his own program.

If I remember correctly, I heard that Nolan was asked about paying players and his reply was, I ask players do they want some money now or do you want to make lots of money the rest of your life? I think it was something like that. Meaning that the player could get paid some money by other programs now, but Nolen could help them get into a position to make lots of money the rest of their lives.

Vitale imust be stupid. His good is on tape in the money deal for the player. He’s just a jerk scum like Pittino.