So how was the environment for the game?

Big , rowdy crowd? Or, lots of Wave? Proud to have recruits there?

I heard the first wave came in the 2nd quarter when we were on offense. Ridiculous! I hate the wave. I hate beach balls. Neither have a place at a football game.

amen. Hate both. However, it was a pretty good crowd considering the opponent & that we jumped to a 24-0 1st quarter lead. There was some enthusiams when Alocrn got stopped on that late 2nd Q fumble.

They announced the number as 46,988 as I recall. I thought there were closer to 50k or maybe a few over. If the place seats 55,000, I didn’t think there were more than 5,000 empty seasts.

I think the 46 is about right. There were empty seats in every section, especially some of the sideline sections.

They scheduled a team that struggled to beat UAPB. Considering the opponent and the time, it was a very good turnout. They got a far better crowd than the game deserved, except for the wave in the 2nd quarter. THAT was embarrassing. JMVVVVVVHO.

Disagree. 46-47 thousand in this day and age is an embarrassment regardless of the opponent, place or time.

I don’t think Alcorn State generates 50,000 at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

The crowd was like the opponent: underwhelming. Which was expected. Lot of people on the golf course never came in. Can’t say that I blame them. The Wave always perturbs me, especially when it’s done with no regard for what’s happening on the field.

There were the usual clock/ref mic malfunctions.

It’s kinda sad. When I first started covering the Hogs when I was in college during the Petrino years, there were some great LSU/Mississippi State games there. Electric atmosphere, even for lesser opponents. But the atmosphere and opponents have gone downhill. Even the Georgia turnout was meh a few years back. I’ve gone from looking forward to the trip to dreading making the drive over. Of course, 11 a.m. kickoffs don’t help matters.

I think War Memorial is obviously doomed from a game-every-year standpoint once the contract is up. Maybe every once in a while, but not a staple like it has been. And that makes sense, financially and just when comparing the two venues.

I would disagree. I can’t remmeber the last crowd under 50 at RRS. I would even say under 60.

They gave thousands of tix away for Texas State …east upper deck full of FCA groups attending for free.

I doubt Long did the same thing for WMS. Does not support his end game for WMS.

72,000 vs. 53.000. Shouldn’t have to do that for a stadium that seats about 20,000 less in the most populous area in the state.

Gave away tons. Lots to military personnel. Hundreds to school spirit groups.

I realize the games in LR are coming to an end, and at this point there is nothing that can change that and I’m not sure that anything should. But your point is one of those political arguments that look at only half the facts, and it seems like you’re one of those people that feel there will be no repercussions to moving out of LR. Yes, there are good crowds for cupcakes in RRS, do you think that has anything to do with the fact that if you want SEC tickets you have to buy Tx St. tickets as well in the season ticket package? Then once you buy the ticket and you obviously can’t sell it for anything, you might as well go to the game and enjoy it?
Again, I think the LR contract will not be renewed and agree that is probably the right move, but I don’t understand the cavalier attitude by some who feel there is no downside to the decision. There were valid reasons why the hogs played in WMS for so many years, some of those reasons have changed but not all of them.

Excellent post.

Hey you kids! Get off my lawn! :lol:

I hate the wave with a passion at any time, but when they started doing it WHEN WE HAD THE BALL I went nuts: “There are 45,000 morons in this stadium!” loud enough for everyone around me to hear. Didn’t stop any of them from participating though, but they got a good laugh out of it.

Crowd was fine considering it was Alcorn State. Traffic jam 30 minutes before kickoff made many late. But the crowd was about what I thought it would be for this type of game. I don’t know how anyone could have expected better.

The Wave the Beach Wall are givens at WMS and they ones doing both have no clue what is going on down on the field nor do they care. I have aisle seats by a ramp and one time the beach ball bounced down the ramp and the Ushers went after it and put it back in play. That is how bad things are. I think the UA is making a mistake abandoning WMS, without it there would be no statewide Razorback following. It was always about the same drive time from anywhere in the state so folks came from all over, not true about Fayetteville.

Considering how much money is lost in each game at WMS, why would they give away tickets?

You’re right. More like 68,000 :smiley: