So, how many of these Texas Tech players were recruited by Beard?

Just heard on the telecast Tubby Smith was responsible for some.

Of the players doing the most scoring, not Beard, but still he coached them to this point.

Mooney, Owens and Culver all Beard’s.

True, I should have added the main defensive stoppers were mostly Smith

Tubby has next to nothing to do with this team.

Owens and Mooney are grad transfers I think? He rebuilt this team this year. It sure looks like he is gonna be the next great(not good) coach. His teams are so well coached!

Again, still a senior laden team and most of his defensive stoppers were recruited by the previous coach.

Not taking away from Beard, but it’s not all just him.

Name them. Name Tubby’s recruits and their minute

And to think we were a couple of free throws away from beating these guys at their home with our low basketball IQ coach! I guess luck was with us that night. :smiley:

TT top six players in minutes per game are Beard’s guys

I don’t understand why you’re fighting me on this. I conceded the scoring part(I guess I can argue he recruited scoring from other schools for a year, but that’s cheesy logic). But I know guys like Odiase(sp.) wasn’t his.

Shows how talented UA was and how much they underachieved this season IMO

Because you’re wrong. That kid is seventh in mpg.

My first point was wrong, you’re fighting me on the second point and I don’t see where I’m wrong, especially when Beard would agree with me.

No clue. But Chris Beard is the best coach in D1 ball.

And odds may be 1 million to 1 he comes to Arkansas.

Beard has talent on that team.

But Beard is why they are playing for national title.

Per ESPN, I just looked it up, TT has 4 SR’s and a JR

3 SR’s transfers. The other is a fifth year SR and Tubby’s guy. The JR has been there for all three years, but I don’t know if he’s Tubby’s signee or not (if Tubby recruited and signed him). Anyone not a JR or SR should be Beard’s guys.

Correct. Mooney and Owens are both on their third school. Mooney started out at Air Force, then South Dakota. Owens started at Tennessee, then St. John’s.