So how is recruiting looking?

For the record, here are his stats for the season.

Started and played in all 28 games

15.9 ppg
7.0 rb
1.7 assists

61.4 FG (135-220)
28.6 3 pt (4-14)
77.7 FT (171-220)

Pretty good player from Little Rock (UALR) is apparently transferring… Not saying that ARK should target just curious if you knew anything about him and where he was from and how he ended up in Little Rock? Sorry don’t remember his name

That I said 6-3 guard Rayjon Tucker. UALR’s best player. He will be a graduate transfer. Played first two seasons at Florida Gulf Coast. One of the most athletic guards around. A good three point shooter. A clutch shooter. He is in tgevBrandon Dean category. If Arkansas can get him, instant improvement.

I believe he was a Wes Flanagan recruit and was sitting out as acredshirt. I have not heard but Auburn maybe the destination with the Flanagan connection.

Seeing he is 6’5, which height is correct, just asking

I have made a lot of calls today, but not got many coaches in their offices due to spring or them being at the National Junior College Tournament

Is that how he is listed? He looked 6-3 to me standing next to other players

UALR website says 6-5

I didn’t know who he was when first asked, so I looked him up. There was an article saying he was leaving UALR and said he was a 6’5 Guard/Wing combo