So how is recruiting looking?

I know not the recruiting board but given all the interest and relevance to the program discussion here, thought I would ask how we are feeling about chances on any big fish?


The silence is deafening!

I am sure you saw the post about Shawn Stuth visiting on March 29-31. Of course, it depends on the coaching announcement perhaps tomorrow.

Are you asking for stuff other than Stith?

Are you expecting to hear a coaching announcement even if there is no change made?

Thanks PJ.

I was looking for anything additional and how we think things fall into place relative to needs.

With caveat that a coaching change changes all of course.

Relative to that, you would think competitors would be using that potential against us at the moment.

Knowing this, I wonder why HY hasn’t come out strong in support of Mike at a critical recruiting time.

This makes me wonder if something isn’t up.

With people whom pretend to be hog fans getting on social media and telling recruit not to come here I think it’s pretty tough to land talent! Throw in the pay to play!
The AD hasn’t said a word about the coaching situation since his last statement a few months ago! To me that’s pretty simple to understand.
Let the idiots continue to run players off it can get a lot worse.
I hope the hogs find a way to win tonight and gain some confidence.

A few weeks ago, I had expected at least five new faces on the team next year, and if you look at who they were on, it made sense, given the assumption Mike would be coaching for his job. However, in the last two weeks it seems a lot more possible openings may be happening and Mike won’t be here next year (again this is speculation from individuals who have been right before, not saying they’re right now), but with two of the rumored three potential replacements (I don’t know who the third name is, supposedly the BOT have three names in mind, two were leaked, again supposedly) I don’t think the names are big enough to convince the disgruntled players to stay, and I don’t think those that are currently being recruited will remain interested. Which means next year WILL BE worse than this year (a losing season without Mike), and we also miss out on those 2020 guys we’ve been working on. So, it’ll be at least season 3 before we see another post season, my guess is a NIT (but it’ll be ok because we are going in the right direction with the new coach). Problem becomes, of the two coaches currently mentioned, one will be a bidding war with aTm, I can’t see this happening, and the other will be 70 before season 6, and I don’t think he coaches past 70. My guess is that’s who we get, and in five years we are discussing who the next coach is again, without being where everyone complaining wants us to be.

Who are the coaching names out there attributes to powers that be, or even good rumors. Sorry I have missed some chatter. Thanks

Buzz Williams and Sampson

Bidding War - Buzz Williams - 12 years - 8-7 NCAAT (past 1st weekend 3 times, but in this year) .620 career win %, ACC win % .489
70 before season six - Kelvin Sampson - 30 years - 14-13 NCAAT (past 1st weekend 3 times, but in this year) .655 career win %, AAC win % .644

Just for Comparison - Mike - 17 years - 9-9 NCAAT (past 1st weekend twice, not in this year) .649 win %, SEC win % .549

Below is a list of names they have been to see.

I will be making some calls today.

Hawkins and Stith are two big guys expected to visit.

Of course. if there is a change made with the head coach, you will likely be starting over from scratch wit the new guy. He who would have to hustle and get some guys in here as I am sure there will be some transfers if Coach Anderson is no longer here.


Thank you, Dudley

This is so silly. If a kid doesn’t want to come here because someone pretending to be a Razorback fan on social media tells them not to, well…I don’t want that kid anyway. It’s social media, it’s a cesspool and things like that happen to every single school. Let’s quit pretending that we are the only ones and it puts poor Mike at a disadvantage. Utterly ridiculous…

The other line of thought that if we fire Mike then we are going to screw up recruiting and ruin the 2020 class, etc. is just as silly. Jaylin Williams is the only one that seems to have a high degree of interest in Arkansas and if Joe is here then I’d expect Williams to be as well. Chris Moore?? Lot of people think Memphis and Ole Miss are ahead of us now. Moses Moody…nope. Davonte Davis…committed to OSU, Gerald Doakes…nope, not even sure which class he’s in now.

Feebly committing to one more, put up or shut up, year from Mike and staff may do more long term damage. Yuraceck needs to either fire him or commit to him long term. Who are you going to get to come here to play if he’s obviously on the hot seat next season? Then, you fire him after next season and you really screw up the 2020/2021 classes.

The back and forth going on between the people that want to keep Mike and the people that don’t has become so nauseating that I can barely stomach coming on here. For the record, I want the AD to commit to Mike and then leave him the hell alone. But if he fires him and hires Kelvin Sampson (just to pick one of the names), that’s not going to make me unhappy, it’s very likely not going to ruin any recruiting, and he’s likely to be just as good or better than Mike’s been here.

Until a decision is made one way or the other, I’ll be on the baseball board.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I am going off talking to the prospects and their parents - about 1/3 of which is often off the record.

It is not THE factor. But fan base - be it supportive or not of the its coaches and players - is A factor

To use your terminology, it is just so silly to think it is not a factor.

I have seen no one that says it only happens at Arkansas and it certainly isn’t an excuse for the current head coach to not get players.

It is idiotic for fans or non-fans to do this on social media - and in person. That’s the point.

I was around a basketball recruit four or five years ago on his official visit when a fan wearing a Razorback shirt up for the football game came up to a recruit and said “I can’t believe you are even considering playing for this head coach. You should go someplace else.”

He did.

Arkansas may not get Chris Moore - no matter who the coach is - but the person I talk to and trust the most is his brother, who is guiding the process.

I agree completely with this:

Feebly committing to one more, put up or shut up, year from Mike and staff may do more long term damage. Yuraceck needs to either fire him or commit to him long term. Who are you going to get to come here to play if he’s obviously on the hot seat next season? Then, you fire him after next season and you really screw up the 2020/2021 classes.

At this point, I don’t think Arkansas will have a great recruiting spring whether they keep the current coach or hire a new one.

They could because there is some talent here, but first joining the program in 1981 and transitioning to cover it in 1987, I can think of only one time when there was a smooth transition in recruiting.

As I have said here and said on the radio yesterday, if Coach Anderson is let go, you will not see me saying that he was not given a long enough time to get things to an acceptable point for fans and the admin.

It will just simply show that 21 wins per year and winning 10 conference games is not enough when coupled with no SEC regular season or tournament titles, 3 trips to the NCAA Tournament and 2 to the NIT in 8 years is not enough.

Comments: There’s no guarantees these two candidates can even come close to duplicating their accomplishment at their respective school at The UA. Pundits have already stated Arkansas will never experience the success from the nineties again. It might just be you haven’t heard anything because there is nothing to say

You are totally wrong about Chris Moore and Moses Moody.

And you are totally wrong about social media not affecting recruits. If it can affect an election, recruits are easy meat compared to that. You and I wouldn’t alter our opinions, but there are a lot of weak minds out there that can be easily manipulated.

I posted their career records and their current conference records, they don’t meet any of the criteria people are complaining about, except they’re both in the Top 25 right now, but it hasn’t been consistent at their current school

It’s definitely been proven it can happen here, so saying it won’t happen again is conjecture at best. It takes the right coach, right players, at the right time to make a lasting mark. Coach K is an example of that.

As for something to say, I’ve been pretty quiet because there’s nothing concrete to say, but the rumblings of change the last couple of days have grown louder than some think. It’s not out for the world to see, but the meeting rooms are erupting with chatter.

I agree, a lot of chatter coming from everywhere

I hope we are able to beat out Long Beach State and Idaho for Stith