So how does Harris transfer, Heinrich giving up football, etc..............

…Zach Rogers giving up football, etc. how does that effect our recruiting scholarship availability? Does that open up new scholarships that were before not available?

Dudley has done a better job of keeping up with the numbers. I’ll let him chime in.

Most have us at 85 if you count returning guys, signees, and commits. Of course, we aren’t privy to the returning guys status, currently.

Josh Harris isn’t on scholarship. So his transfer doesn’t effect the numbers that Arkansas can sign.

That is not a surprise.

Still working on what I believe is getting five more in the class.

Are you saying 5 more than the current commits?

Dudley thought it might be 5 open when he answered my question on this (in the Boyd commit thread). Total of 18 for 2018 class. Who gets the last 5 is the question, esp since Jones is now on an official visit.

Hawgcotton wrote: ↑Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:14 pm
DD, does this leave us with 4 or 5 slots left? Your best guess

If going by Coach Morris’ stated intention, it leaves 3-5 - and. I think they likelihood is best that it is 5

They now have 8 signees and 5 commitments, counting Jonesboro OL Noah Gatlin

Here’s what I believe will happen, if they want a guy and he wants to come I think they will sign him and they’ll worry about the numbers later.

I think you are correct. When CCM said six to eight more, he also stated that he was holding one or two spots open. (I assume he meant for grad transfers)

Instead of grad transfers, I think he will sign high school or jucos recruits.

Attrition usually takes care of the numbers when a new coach is hired. Some will see after spring practice that CCM or his system isn’t for them and will look for greener grass elsewhere. It’s probably best when a coach has such a short time to recruit and get to know players on the roster to shoot first and ask questions later.