So How Do We Beat KY?

If you are Mike Anderson, what is your game plan going into Rupp Saturday? I’m curious for thoughts on offense & defense for us.

Play great defense…limit the turnovers and shoot lights out. Mike Anderson is nothing if not stubborn. He is not going to change a thing. We will run on offense and gamble on defense.

Kentucky is so fast and athletic…I just don’t see us having much of a chance to win. 1 in 20?

Kentucky does not have a front line like Florida’s…They start 3 guards. We match up in that respect, but who is gonna guard Fox and Monk? Both are great athletes and can score and get to the basket just about any time they want. It is one heckuva problem for Mike. It will be interesting to see if he does anything out of the ordinary.

If Monk and Fox get in foul trouble…we might have some shot at winning, but in Lexington that is not likely to happen.

Show no fear, attack them from the tip off. Hope monk has an off night. Make them work for every basket. When they get breakaways, slams, alley oops. That is what energizes them. Make them grind for every basket. Same thing inferior teams do to us. Pound the defensive boards. Limit their opportunities.

MK has to have his best game…period.

Malik has a bad shooting night every 5 or 6 games. I am counting on one of those nights.

Gives us a bad shooting night and we will forget all the teasing you put us through. At least I will.

I don’t see it. Mike will try to spread the floor and run on them. That is a death wish. Other than playing a game that we will not play -solid defense giving up nothing, blocking out on the boards, milking the clock and scoring at the end, I guess pray or just save the charter fee and don’t go.

Only one man has ever come close to shutting down MM, and he is still in high school. Gotta hope he tries too hard. Gotta hope that Hannahs, Macon, Barford and Beard are all on. Gotta Hope that Moses has the game of his life. That’s a lotta things that have to go right.

If the Brand goes off we have no shot. None. But he is a freshman and has been inconsistent. We have to play solid defense, make a few threes, rebound respectively, get to the line a lot and make them.


We’re gonna have to shoot lights out…Like 85% from the field, lol…

Got to rebound and not give second shots and actually block out.

Would love to see us run some good half court O sets and see some high low post action and real screens. A lot of movement on O and going to the rim and not jacking up low percentage shots on road when can’t penetrate their D.

And would love to see us press the way tn tried like we used to.

Got to take the fight to them. Can’t be soft.

Leave our 2-man traps back on the hill, limit any turnovers. Hold our own on the boards, shoot the 3ball over 45% free throws 90%, and the 2ball 65%. Got to play solid on defense .

A few years ago in recent years (can not remember the year) a very average AR team went to KY and beat them. In watching the game, what I saw was a team totally relaxed and played a solid game all the way around. Defense, rebounding and shot well. If we don’t get intimidated and play within ourselves, and if they have an off night, we have the stuff to make it happen.

Many of these posts make it sound like you don’t think Mike has a clue how to beat KY and Calipari. “Mike’s too stubborn, Mike won’t change, etc”. Since coming to Arkansas, Mike is 3-4 against Calimari. I’d be willing to wager that is a better record against Cal at KY than any other coach in the SEC. Also, it may be better than any other college coach in the country who’s played Cal 7 games while he’s been at KY.

Mike has not had a single team in those 5 years with even a third as much talent as KY had when he beat them. I think I’m going to trust Mike to come up with the proper game plan for KY that will give the Hogs the best chance of winning. We may get a real beat down Saturday if they are on top of their game. However, it won’t be because Mike doesn’t know what it takes to beat Cal. It will be because Cal has 6-8 NBA draft picks on his team.


I hope we have a way to stop that guard-drive-and-forward-follow thing that they do that results in so many layups off of offensive rebounds. I don’t want to see that for 40 minutes. If we can force them to the perimeter, then we have a small chance on an off night for their shooters.

Looking at UK’s stats, that four-guard lineup with Barford, Watkins, or Jones at the #4 might be useful when UK has Willis at the #4. Willis is a perimeter player on O that doesn’t hit the offensive glass with gusto. That might give us an opportunity to max out our speed without giving up much on D. It would force Willis to stay in front of a guard that can penetrate at the other end.

Play tough half court D by not allowing them to slash and drive to the basket by whatever means it takes! On offense take the game to them and make them foul you or give up a short jumper, if you shoot a three immediately break for the defensive end and disrupt the outlet pass enough to settle in to your half court D and keep them in front of you and don’t get rattled! WPS

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