So how do our big ugly line recruits stack up

Vs the bigs in the trenches that other SEC teams are pulling in?

Can we overcome?

They did pretty well in 2014 and 2015.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the future on both lines. I like Agim, Capps, Marshall and Guidry on the D-line.

I think O-line will be better with another offseason and spring practice. I think there’s enough talent to find a good starting five. No one has mentioned him but I’m hearing Arkansas LOVES Dylan Hays. Dont discount him. He was very thick coming out of LR Christian.

I may be wrong, but I think Bush was asking about linemen in the current recruiting class that we are expecting to sign in 2017.

The 2017 OL class has excellent athleticism. The one thing you notice with them is they have excellent feet. They’ll enroll in Jan. and have an offseason with Herb and go through spring practice. I normally don’t think you can count on freshman, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see one or two on the two deep.

The Hogs have Ryder Anderson and I think he’s a guy they like his upside so I see him redshirting.

Thanks Wizard and Richard.

Yes I was referring to current recruits we are hopeful can come in fast and provide relief and depth.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but none of our current Offensive Line commitments have been recruited by any other SEC school. Is that right?

Wagner had scholarship offers from Missouri, California, Virginia, Purdue, Louisville, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Indiana and others.

Adcock had offers from Indiana, Iowa State, Arkansas State, Southern Miss and La. Tech.

Clenin had offers from Northwestern, Iowa State, New Mexico, Colorado State, Illinois State and others.

They all committed early too. I would think they all would’ve gotten more offers if they had waited.

Thanks for the quick response, Richard!

If we need immediate help, these guys may or may not help (no one can say either way with any certainty at this point). However, if the strategy is to recruit in numbers and develop 4th year juniors and 5th year seniors to play the line then these guys will work. We have numbers in the current Freshman and Sophomore classes, but are seriously lacking in the Junior and Senior classes…I believe the best option is to recruit another 2 (minimum) Olinemen and continue to build numbers and develop…just my opinion…FWIW.

Fair and reasonable response. They do plan to sign four, maybe five O-linemen.

I do believe another year of development and experience the O-line will be a strength next year. I would be more concerned if this happened in year six or seven of a coach’s tenure.