So how badly do we want this Harris guy?

He can’t help us next year in the event that Macon goes to the Mekong^ or some other professional basketball out post. He’s built like a Horace Mann 8th grader, and he averaged a whopping 4.2 points and 2 assists per game at New Mehico. Am I missing something? OK he’s got 30 lbs on the Horace Mann kids, but looks awfully slight for a high D-1 player. Is there something about Jalen that makes everyone around him better?

He started 18 of 31 games as a freshman for a pretty good program.

Dusty Hannahs ONLY averaged 7 points a game as a sophomore at Texas Tech. Arkansas was crazy to take him.

I know a lot of that was for comedic effect, but he can play. Go watch some of his YouTube stuff and get back with me. How much you figure Macon weighs? Can’t be much more than 170.

Glad you said that RD, people said the same thing when we took Hannahs, I remember on Hogville, some of the exact phrases were “wasting a scholarship” then Dusty ends up leading us in scoring for 2 years.

What’s funny is the people that knock his Harris numbers, are some of the same people that knocked the staff when Nick Babb (0.7 PPG) and Jimmy Whitt (6.1 PPG) transferred. Stats don’t mean crap when it comes to potential and evaluating whether someone will be a good player or not. CJ Jones averaged 2 PPG, and if he announced he was transferring today people would be on here asking why the staff can’t hold on to good players and acting like it’s the end of the world.

100% agree (Jones). Watch the reaction if we don’t get him (Harris)

I hope we do get him. I think at this point (whether Macon returns or not) barring them getting involved with an impact grad transfer or top 50 player, a transfer that can sit out and learn the system for a year is the best option, rotation for next year is pretty much set.

How many transfers can you list that have decent averages? Usually ones with decent averages are transferring for family reasons like Alandise Harris. Otherwise players transfer because for whatever reasons they didn’t mesh with the style of play or the coaching staff, etc, at their current school.

Daryl Macon weighs 172 at last report

They obviously see something in him and think three years of Harris is better than four years of Hardy or Barrett

I thought Hardy was sceered off by the level of competition for playing time here? Did we offer him? How does this affect Glasper?

His high school and AAU highlights look really flashy. He’s athletic. Going to watch his college tape tomorrow probably and write about him.

Off first glance, he seems like a far, far better player than Barrett. I haven’t watched much Hardy stuff.