So have we had some rap

up thoughts buy any of our leaders?

Or will that be coming or just on to Baseball?

Taking some of the good points to talk about and views of those content, so-so-, mad, really mad and embarrassed???

Past few days, the present, and the future.


Got their butts kicked by Tennessee and Butler to end the season. There had been some fun ahead of those two games, but anything but fun to end tournament play.

What’s your thoughts on why we failed so miserably the last two games ? Thanks, WPS

I’m working on a wrap-up/lookahead to next season right now. In the meantime, here’s what my analytics site shows for Darious Hall on Friday. There’s a ton to be excited about with him. Great upside. Could be an All-League defender soon. And if he becomes consistent shooting the 3, which I think is his next step offensively, then look out.

Game set Match folks. No need to say anything else about out irrelevant Coach, staff and BB program. Nothing to even comment except our unprepared team got their BUTTS kicked, shown off for the world to see and returned on a platter. Who even cares, signing off, that’s a rap…

What happened to Virginian and UNC. THATS AN EMBARRASSMENT

It was nice to see Texas A&M beat Nirth Carolina in a home game! It’s just good that it wasn’t close enough for refs to help them.

As for our hogs I think it may take a few games next season but the defense should be better next year. The hogs never took advantage of their strengths this year on offense because we didn’t have a point guard and lacked depth at guard! The inability to feed the post and the failure to move the ball for open shots against good teams. Too many poor shots all year long!
Too much standing and watching.

id Gafford comes back we will have a pretty good team!

He was the best player on this team as far as a all around defender. We need a handful more just like him to have a opportunity to rise. I’m by no means trying to put next season on his shoulders for him to carry but it’s guys like him you build your foundation with, hard nose and relentless. WPS

Tennessee shot better against the Hogs than they do in a layup drill. The team looked tired playing the third game in three days. Butler also shot well, but the explanation for that is IDK. Team didn’t play inspired for whatever reason. Tough loss. Leadership on the floor seemed to be lacking, but it’s a done deal. Looking forward to next year.